Only 113 Posts Away From My 1000th Post!

Coming to work is so much more tolerable now that the temperature in my office doesn’t dip below 50°. It was so bad that my fingers and hands were numb all day and I had to wear a fleece shawl to stay warm enough to accomplish any work. Thankfully the heating vent malfunction has been repaired. All this sounded much more interesting in my mind but here on virtual paper, it’s not all that compelling is it? Moving along…

How was your weekend? Mine was an odd combination of busy and lazy. (Bazy?) Friday, Lean, Moxy, Don, and I volunteered at the Indy Wine Fest, which is to say that we scored free entrance to a local booze fest under the guise that we might help out here and there. I left work early to rush home and get a bit dolled up, which included busting out my hair rollers. All that was for naught though because after driving around for an hour, the only parking spot I could find was far enough from my destination to give the wind time to really mess up my ‘fro.

Once inside, we did lots of wine sampling and people watching. I don’t know diddly about wine but found that every time I sampled a new kind, it became my favorite. I especially liked the last one I tried – Crema something? It had notes of bee bottoms and turnips.

The rest of my weekend falls into the more-decadent realm of downtime. Mox and I had plans to see a movie yesterday but I was having tummy troubles so I laid low all day. In the course of two (count ’em, TWO) luxurious bubble baths, I painted my nails, finished reading Eat, Pray, Love, and started reading When Bad Things Happen to Good People (both recommended by my therapist.) My reaction to Eat, Pray, Love has been all over the place. It’s so well-written — almost impossible to put down and I love its student-of-life qualities. If you visit other places, you’ll experience amazing things because of the incredible diversity of the human experience. Her tale really extols the value of getting outside yourself and your limited perspective. That said, everything felt oversimplified in that ‘life is easy for well-heeled Americans’ way. I mean, who could really afford (literally or figuratively) to take a trip like she did? Still her story was inspiring and certain passages were heart-stoppingly beautiful.

In conclusion, I did not do any laundry this weekend.

P.S. B came into town briefly last week on business so we hung out one evening. Let the record show that during the course of that evening, B fell out of his chair for no particular reason other than the inherent difficultly in juggling the complicated tasks of breathing and sitting. I win.


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