Christmas in February

Attention: If your name is Lean, please proceed with your normal activities, such as downloading porn and pranking my Mom. Everyone else? Meet me after the jump!

Phew! Now that we’ve ditched Lean, I can tell you about her Christmas present, which while woefully late is finally finished:

Memo Board

Fun right? She recently moved to a different office which is dark and blah, so I thought this would spice up her new workspace.

The supplies were very inexpensive. I bought a canvas panel (choose a thicker, sturdy one) and batting, and used some fabric I already had that I’d gotten on sale for $1.49/yard. I also bought some pretty grosgrain ribbon in a few different widths to see which I liked best and a 5/8″ button cover kit, which includes everything you need to make adorable fabric-covered buttons. I pulled the backs off the buttons and glued tacks to them instead. (This How About Orange tute explains how that works.) Finally I borrowed Moxy’s handy-dandy staple gun and wielded it with great authority. This left me drunk with power and now I must have one of my own.

Putting the memo board together was SUPER easy. I stapled a layer of batting on and then covered it with a layer of fabric, making sure to fold the fabric neatly at the corners. Next I laid out the ribbon, which took a bit of time to sort out. Then I pinned the ribbon in place to make sure everything was even before stapling it into place. Lastly I poked my fabric-covered tacks in at the intersections of the ribbons. I plan to buy some of those cheapy plastic earring backs to put on the ends of the thumbtacks to make sure they stay in place.

Inexpensive, fun, and a cinch! And I bet if you ask Mox nicely, she’ll let you use her staple gun too, especially if you offer her a pre-warmed popsicle. Anything to tide her over until I finish her Christmas pressie. Hopefully by April…


2 Responses to “Christmas in February”

  1. Bumpster Says:

    My eyes are hurting from staring at this too long!

  2. SweetBasta Says:

    If you stare at it long enough you can see a 3D figure of Abe delivering the Gettysburg Address, with a disgruntled Booth looking on.

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