There’s No Way to Title Randomness Like This

  • This weekend I biffed it again just to drive home that whole “the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior” thing. I misjudged where a curb was and did one of those dramatic maneuvers when you fall forward and take gigantic steps to try and correct yourself but only fail miserably and land on your knees (see fall #2) in a pile of snirt (snow + dirt).
    • I got to thinking about my numerous falls and decided my level of klutziness must be pretty high. I wondered how that could be quantified and determined one unit of klutz is a klutzie and I probably have like ninety hojillion klutzies. Framing my lack of grace in terms of a high klutzie score makes me feel less like a drunken newborn giraffe.
  • My big TV has been broken for awhile now. My ex and I bought it and an extended warranty in 1999. We’d just moved into our first apartment and splurging on a brand-new TV was a big deal. In fact, at the time it felt like the biggest purchase in the history of consumerism. When I called Circuit City to find out if the warranty had expired, the lady I spoke with asked me how much we’d paid for the TV. I told her I couldn’t remember exactly but guessed around $600. After being on hold for awhile, she told me our only TV purchase on file was for $269. I chuckled because I’d apparently inflated the cost of that little bugger in my mind since at the time, it was a major event. That got me thinking about the freedom of first striking out on your own. I remember baking a lot when we moved into our apartment, not because I liked baking all that much but because hello, we had our own kitchen with an oven and OH MY GOD, we could totally bake a cake without supervision!
  • Moxy and I indulged in a double feature on Saturday. We saw Michael Clayton and 27 Dresses. Michael Clayton was entertaining but I’m surprised Clooney’s performance earned him a Best Actor nod. He wasn’t bad but wasn’t especially spectacular either.
    • Sidebar: It’s kind of a bummer that he’s dating a 28-year-old cocktail waitress. Why do older men do that? Think of all the wonderful, amazing women Clooney’s age who are being overlooked.
  • A group of my friends has always gone in together to play the lottery. I never participate (because of my high klutzie score) but guess what? They just won $10,000! Divided they’ll each get $600. Not a bad deal, right?
  • Did you hear that Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglov won an Oscar for their song Falling Slowly from Once? I think I’ve blogged about that song before – it’s BEAUTIFUL.

4 Responses to “There’s No Way to Title Randomness Like This”

  1. SweetBasta Says:

    With the $600 each of your lottery winning friend get they could buy a TV like the one you imagine your broken $269 TV is.

  2. Kriss Says:

    I was scared to click the youtube link, worried someone had captured your tumble on video. Are you okay?

    I’m feeling the Clooney backlash. I don’t know why, but he’s lost some of that sexy impish charm for me. Maybe because I kept falling asleep during Ocean’s 13?

  3. A-frame Says:

    I watched Once this weekend. Captivating! In fact, it captivated me so much that I now understand why Colin Farrell used the discordant but emotionally appropriate term “chuffed” to express his pleasure at introducing this musical duo to the 2.3 people who watched the 2008 Oscars.

  4. Jerricho Cotchery Jersey Says:

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