Twoo Wuv

Well, I’ve fallen in love – head over heels in fact. And the subject of my amorous devotion?

Beautiful red shoes
Originally uploaded by eagerlittlemind

Couldn’t you just die? They are so damn cute! I’ve had to start wearing a rubber band on my wrist. I use it to snap myself whenever I’ve been admiring these lovelies for too long and am drooling, having lost touch with reality.

Unforch, there’s a good news/bad news angle to this love story. The good news is that I saw these shoes on another blog, which I immediately infiltrated to find out what brand they are. The bad news is that I’ve only found them online in black and this hideous neutrals melange. The black ones are cute but I’ll not stand for any color other than red. As soon as I finish this post, I’m headed to Shoe Carnival, where I’m told some have been spotted. Wish me luck!

In other less-indulgent news, I’ve just spent the afternoon researching our fine presidential candidates. Although I was pretty certain who I supported, I wanted to do a bit of reading to be better informed. I ended up making lists of things I like about each candidate. Like, for example, the fact that Obama said his family’s story:

“…might speak in some way to the fissures of race that have characterized the American experience, as well as the fluid state of identity—the leaps through time, the collision of cultures—that mark our modern life.”

What an astute observation! As I’ve said to Mox and Lean, it’s so refreshing to see such an incredible statesman in action.

I don’t want to prattle on about politics but I do want to share one other thing. Mox reminded me that McCain spent five years in a POW camp in Vietnam. He wrote a detailed account of his experience soon after he was released. It’s long but incredibly compelling and a must-read. The fact that I’m able to lazily blog about shoes is due to the selfless service of people like McCain, who endured unspeakable torture but miraculously survived due to his conviction and incalculable physical and mental fortitude. Reading his story was a good reminder to me to, regardless of my dislike of our current administration and its decisions, reaffirm my support of the troops and their sacrifices and to keep in mind how fortunate and blessed I am as an American.


7 Responses to “Twoo Wuv”

  1. KNH Says:

    The fact that those shoes are called “Braid Pitt” also lowers their cuteness.

    Nice roundup about the presidential candidates. It’s easy to take pot shots at any of them, but the truth is that they all have a fortitude that we can’t comprehend.

    Also, whilst at the gym merrily treadmilling in relative comfort, I watched Tibetans burn cars in protest of foreign rule. You are so right; we are so fortunate to be in a republic/democracy like ours.

  2. Amy Says:

    Ack, shoes. I am currently composing a feet post… how weird is that?

    KNH lies. She was on the elliptical.

  3. SweetBasta Says:

    I don’t think it would be advisable to use the treadmill or elliptical while wearing those nightmare from valentines day shoes and reading about the canditates views on the Tibetan rule by foreign countries.

    Anything that is close to Brad Pitt may be pretty to look at, but there will be no substance.

  4. KNH Says:

    “Ellipticalling” wasn’t as catchy of a non-word! You knew what I meant! Leave it to Miss Reviewer/Rejecter to reject me.

    Sorry for our public fight on your site Myms. I will try not to cry now.


  5. KNH Says:

    Speaking of twoo wuv, did you see this?

  6. Mymsie Says:

    No, but that’s wonderful! Hoooray for them!

  7. Amy’s Gripping Commentary » Foot fe tish issues Says:

    […] enough, two other local bloggers (Must Be Motherhood, Distracted by Something Shiny) talked about feet and shoes this week while I was drafting my post. Is it the time of year for […]

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