Doing My Part for the Re-Use Movement

  • I’ve been working on a new masthead for over a week, but I’m not happy with it yet. In the meantime, I’m re-using a masthead of old.
  • Recently some photographs from Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration were recovered. I’m amazed! Maybe it’s my love affair with all-things-antebellum, but how cool is it to behold an actual photo of Abe from 1865 and everything?
  • Last spring, I went to a retreat where I wrote a letter to future Mymsie. I included encouraging thoughts and explained how I was feeling at the time and what I hoped for the future. I’d completely forgotten about it until recently when it arrived in my mailbox. I was bowled over when I read it. It was incredible to recall my emotions, see how my goals have progressed, and compare what I was feeling then to what I’m feeling now. Check out, where you can send e-mail to your future self to be delivered whenever you want.
  • The Self-Portrait Truthiness project is bold and unabashed. Women from everywhere are posting pics of themselves without make-up or the benefit of Photoshop correction. The photos are an honest celebration of our realities – neato!
  • The Bureau of Communication Web site allows you to send silly-but-official-looking notices to friends and family. Being a Seinfeld fan, my favorite is the Airing of Grievance notice, which I’ve used to inform friends of the many ways in which they’ve irritated me.
  • Awhile ago, I took a Flash webinar and became intoxicated with the leader’s voice and expertise. I blogged: “I participated in a Flash Webinar last week led by some guy named Abbas Rizvi. During a short hour, I developed a deep and lasting crush due to his impressive knowledge and dreamy voice. (Dear Abbas Rizvi: If you happen to Google yourself and find this post, please do not be alarmed. I’m not even allowed to leave the state.)” Some months later, I received this message: “Hi there – someone forwarded me the link to your blog entry about you attending one of my e-seminars. Too funny. Glad to hear you liked it. Abbas” Words cannot describe how embarrassed I am. The lesson of course is to always use aliases when describing stalkees on your blog.

5 Responses to “Doing My Part for the Re-Use Movement”

  1. KNH Says:

    Why are so many of the ladies on the Truthiness site all unhappy? I think I’ll post the one of me with frizzy hair and actual smile.

  2. KNH Says:

    OK, I’m too stupid to figure out how to add a picture. Oh well.

  3. mymsie Says:

    1. Log into your Flickr account.

    2. Go here and click the Join this Group? link.

    3. Once you’ve joined, view the image you’d like to submit.

    4. Above the image you’ll see a SEND TO GROUP button. Click it and then
    click the Self-Portrait Truthiness group.

    5. Click OK to confirm.

    6. Send me a new iPod!

  4. KNH Says:

    Wow, you rock. I wonder if you’ve ever taught a class? 🙂

  5. Amy Says:

    I like so many of these links… now to find time to mess around with them!

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