For You

In honor of my second blogiversary and to quell the inevitable boredom you’ll feel when reading year three content, I’m having a giveaway! Behold, the prize:


It’s a sassy tote, perfect for picnics or storing your S & M paraphernalia. The shell is a 30s-inspired cotton print (I LOVE the fabric of that era) and the lining is made from a thrifted pillowcase. I don’t know the bag’s dimensions other than to estimate that it’s bigger than a breadbox but smaller than a boulder. The handles are sturdy and reinforced and I pre-washed all the fabric so you can launder the tote without worry of disfigurement. And how cute is that dainty inside pocket?

Leave a comment by the end of the day on Friday March 28th and I’ll randomly select a winner. Good luck!

P.S. I made a lolcat!

My first lolcat

Could I be more ensconced in pop culture?


9 Responses to “For You”

  1. Ro Zan Says:

    can you all please remove my email for this ongoing silliness that I wish to have no part of. Thank you

  2. Tammy Says:

    Cute bag!! Cute cat!! And i have even cuter blackmail photo’s from _______ back when you were _________ !!! MMrrruuuhahhahhahahaah

  3. Bippie DLT Says:

    Ro Zan is a filthy stealing whore!

  4. sew-funky Says:

    Cute bag – put me in the draw! 🙂

  5. Bippie DLT Says:

    Now how creative am I? I googled 30’s fabric for you Bippie. Enjoy!

  6. Bippie DLT Says:

    Oppsie. I thought if i put the url in the “website” box it would show ont he comment. Needless to say it didn’t. Here it is:

  7. Kriss Says:

    HEY! I thought we agreed to ix-nay on the S&M oodies-gay. 😀

    Happy Blogiversary!! May year 3 bring you much health, happiness, and many more adorable pictures of Abbykins.

  8. Bunny B Says:

    Happy 2nd Bloggiversary!

  9. Theresa N. Says:

    Very sassy…I like it!!

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