Long Awaited

In 2006, I fell in love with Death Cab for Cutie. And I fell hard. I couldn’t get enough. I was like an Abby-dogg, happily squirming in dead fish leavin’s on a lakeshore, followed by rolling in some miscellaneous poo for good measure. And so you see, a lot is how much I love them. Two years and a couple of concerts later, they’ve released the first single from their upcoming album and I’m so giddy I can hardly sit still.

Note: This version has a long instrumental bit at the beginning that’s shortened for the radio edit. The vocals start around 4:30.

One Response to “Long Awaited”

  1. westwardbound Says:

    I kind of missed these guys in 2006 (grad school, incubating baby, having baby, packing to move here blahblahblah) but I was aware of them. I do like this song! Thanks for nudging me to look into them again.

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