Lemony Fresh

You know what I did? Accidentally bought scented kitchen trash bags. Their smell is SO repulsive – like somebody stepped in poo and then sprayed their shoe with Jean Nate.

And speaking of shoes, I can’t believe Vans are back! I lived in mine during high school. I had blue ones, black suede ones, and some really rad plaid ones. I wish I’d kept ’em.

I’m so glad the cold weather weekend is over. I’ve been enjoying spring so much. All the sunshine does wonders for my mood. The winter felt so long, it’s like I didn’t even remember that better weather was possible. Now at work, I find myself antsy to be frolicking outside. This weekend I’m going on a little retreat with some friends and I plan to spend lots of time outdoors. I hope it doesn’t rain. Mother Nature, do you read my blog? Don’t get all chilly on me now!

So guess what? Last week, I was mentioned on the radio! In truth, no one has ever derived so much pleasure from such an insignificant whiff of a happening. I listen to 99X during the day and found out I could IM song requests to one of the DJs, so I did:

Me: Hi! I’m listening from Indianapolis. Can you play Bubbly Toes by Colbie Caillat? KIDDING! How about some Weezer – Undone, The Sweater Song? Thanks!

DJ: damn… scared me for a sec…! absolutely!

Not only did he play my song but he also said my silly screen name on the air – can you believe how famous I am?? All my past accomplishments pale in comparison to this coup, a description of which will soon find its way into my resume and my memoir, where it will undoubtedly comprise an entire chapter. What is it about minor stuff like this that’s so exciting?

How was your weekend? Lean and I watched August Rush on demand and it was TERRIBLE. I was so disappointed because I love Keri Russell but man, it was bad. Robin Williams’ character was creepy and unbalanced and dressed like a pimp/cowboy. And the main characters were so annoying I didn’t root for them but instead wanted them to die slow, painful deaths. Ok, that’s an exaggeration but trust me when I say, it was bad. The worst part was that Lean’s cable went all wonky so we couldn’t see the end of the movie. We were so indignant about having wasted that much time without the benefit of any closure. Hmph!

P.S. Elsewhere in the blogosphere, I read a story about bloggers helping a couple whose daughter has a brain tumor. The story is here and the results-to-date are here. Very uplifting and inspiring!


One Response to “Lemony Fresh”

  1. lydia Says:

    Jean Nate!!! My nana had that when I was little. And she pronounced it as if she were truly wearing the classiest French perfume money could buy. Good times.

    And thanks for the heads up on August Rush. I love that little kid, so I have been tempted to watch it myself. I’ll take your advice and save my $5!

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