Apparently Quake-Resistent

Man, I am SO bummed I didn’t feel the earthquake last Friday! Everyone else in greater Indianapolis sure did. I do recall waking up really early and noticing that Abby was standing by the bed, which I thought was odd. Maybe she did sense a disturbance in the force, or she may have just been trying to steal money from my purse. Hmm…

Speaking of purses, I got a new one last week and I LOVE it. It ranks in my top 5 all-time favorites. The best part is that it was only $16.99 at Tarj:

New Purse

I’ve gotten the most compliments on it and every time I say, “Oh, this old thing? It’s just a Marc Jacobs from ’05. Nothin’ special!” (I may get this navy and white one too since I like mine so much.)

How was your weekend? Mine was fun and relaxing. I didn’t touch a computer until this morning and I didn’t break out in hives or anything! I got to hang out with some out-of-town friends and we talked and played cards and giggled like school girls. They tried to teach me to play Euchre but at one point, everyone was talking at once so I got scared and had to go to my happy place. I still don’t really understand how to play but want to learn. (Any Indy peeps interested in a bi/tri-weekly or monthly card night?)

Playing cards reminded me that growing up, on holidays everyone in my Dad’s family would play Rook while my cousins and I ran around like wild hellions. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of those days. I remember the first time I rocked a baby to sleep (Katie, one of my cousins), while the adults played cards. When my aunt saw that Katie was asleep in my arms, she said I’d done such a good job and I was so proud of myself.

Most all of my childhood play revolved around domestic activities, taking care of my doll babies in particular. I used my allowance to buy real diapers and bottles. Buffy, a Cabbage Patch-esque doll my Mom made, was my favorite. I still have her and she’s wearing a real onesie I bought for her. Her sweet cloth face is dirty from me pretending to feed her.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned how I talk in my sleep and this weekend was no exception. Apparently I blabbed like a magpie. Sunday morning, my friends were a’buzz with all the ridiculous things I’d said in my sleep, including “I’m not going to the bake sale,” “That’s NO GOOD,” and something about having bouncy, manageable hair.

In Closing

  • Lost starts again on Thursday and I can’t wait!
  • My blog’s traffic ranks 7,042,449th. Does that blow your mind or what?
  • Have you seen ZeFrank’s YoungMe/NowMe? The idea is to submit an old pic of yourself along with a current pic set up to look exactly like the old one. I love browsing the gallery.

6 Responses to “Apparently Quake-Resistent”

  1. moosh in indy. Says:

    My friend has that bag in pleather. I covet.

  2. Amelia Says:

    That purse? A toddler in my church nursery class has that as her diaper bag. And a different little girl has the navy one. 🙂

  3. Amy Says:

    I love that Young Me/Now Me site! I’m thinking of a shirt I still have from when I was a kid…. Now I need the fishbowl and the lacy curtains in the background!

    I’ve learned Euchre several times while drunk. Hence needing to learn it several times and still not knowing how to play. I’d be up for (drinking and) learning it again!

  4. Amy Says:

    Hey! My site is 4,432,952!

  5. Mymsie Says:

    @Amy: WOW! Your site kicks my site’s arse! 🙂

  6. puglyfeet Says:

    When you say “Tarj” — you are referring to Target, right? I love that purse — never would’ve guessed Tarjay.

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