To Croc Or Not To Croc?

Mary Jane CrocsI’ve wavered in my standing on The Great Crocs Debate. When I first saw a pair, I instinctively deemed them hideous. I’d heard how comfortable they were but with a visage so foul, none of that mattered.

My Mom, who is on her feet a lot when teaching, bought a pair and quickly became a full-fledged fan. Doubtful, I slipped hers on one evening and succumbed to the undeniable bliss that is donning a pair of Crocs. Still I baulked, convinced I’d never align with a trend ubiquitous enough to affect our president’s wardrobe.

The question of whether or not to Croc is perfectly timed with the demise of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned – my circa ’96 Nike soccer sandals. They’ve served me well, faithful and true in even the most dire situations. I can’t count the number of times I’ve tipped canoes on rivers all over Indiana. Invariably, during the ensuing chaos, I always lose my sandals and helpless, watch them float down the river into the unknown. Still against all odds, I’ve been miraculously re-united with them time and time again.

Despite that noble servitude, their time has come. The soles are now so worn that stepping upon even a tiny pebble stings my delicate feet. In these their dying days, I’ve wondered what could possibly replace my Herculean kicks, durable yet incredibly comfortable.

I got the answer last weekend when I came in close proximity with a pair of Mary Jane Crocs for the first time. Somehow the makers of Crocs discovered my kryptonite. One peek inside my shoe closet will tell you I, like Fergie, am a Mary Jane lover. I’m simply not strong enough to resist a cute pair of MJs, not to speak of those delightful Malindis.

As I listened to the wearer gush about how much she loved them, the last of my armor fell away and I found myself ready to offer my debit card for a pair of my very own.

And so, dear readers, barring some sort of fashion intervention, I will soon be seen in public sporting Crocs.

I’m so ashamed!!

Will you still be my friend?


13 Responses to “To Croc Or Not To Croc?”

  1. Kriss Says:

    Heh – I’m currently sporting a pair of black Crocs. With a dress. 😉 And yeah, I still adore you.

    I’ll warn you now, though – they are extremely slippery when you get them wet. Please don’t wear them on your next Tippy Canoe Experience; lest you end up with a broken ankle or sprained bum.

  2. KNH Says:

    I adore MJs so much that I rarely buy shoes without a strap! It’s an illness I shan’t remedy.

    Crocs are ugly, they are so not trendy, and all of that…but they’re so functional and can be ugly-adorable in the right outfit. You go, Mymsie! Roc your Crocs!

  3. lydia Says:

    I’ll be very interested to hear how you like them when you cave… I’ve been resisting for some time now, ’cause jaysus they’re ugly. But the MJs are cute, so, if you say they’re comfy, I might have to AT LEAST try a pair on…

    Oh, Crocs… why couldn’t you have looked less like plastic, colored swiss cheese?

  4. Carrie Says:

    Just my two cents: I have a pair of Mary Jane Crocs, that I faithfully wear whenever I have an event or craft show and will be on my feet for a long time (especially outdoors) – I never have foot, leg, knee or hip pain afterwards. Something about being ugly that helps the bones I suppose!

  5. Amelia Says:

    A friend who’s an OR nurse (on her feet for 12-hour shifts) swears by her Crocs. I want a pair, but they’re not in the budget. (Haven’t bought any shoes at all in, like, a year.)

  6. SweetBasta Says:

    They are extreamly ugly, but that was said about Birkenstocks too, and people still buy and wear them. I just wonder that even with the holes the plasticness of them will make the feet sweat.

    For tippy canoe trips, get a pair of river sandals(Like Teva’s), they won’t come off of your feet, and will give you traction even if they get wet. I don’t think Teva’s come in a Mary Jane style though.

  7. Randi Says:

    I have heard that they are wonderfully comfy too! If I were to buy a pair, I would definitely go for the Mary Janes!

  8. Victoria Says:

    I haven’t gotten into crocks yet, tried them on once and they felt gianormous! I looked like I was wearing clown shoes, which I don’t understand because they look so cute on everyone else. However, I share your love of Mary Janes, and these new crocks may tempt me to try again. Hope you and your feet are very happy in them!

  9. Lil' d Says:

    Thanks for stopping by.

    As for the crocs, I’m torn. I’ve seen lots of cute MJ ones, BUT… don’t they give you blisters if they’re made of plasticky stuff? I’ve got some MJ trainers (sneakers?), though, that are the most comfortable shoes in the world. The whole world. I doubt crocs can compete…

  10. Lil' d Says:

    I like those MJ crocs – but haven’t seen them around here. My question is, if they’re plasticky, don’t they rub and give you blisters? I do own the most comfortable shoes in the world, though: MJ trainers (sneakers?), so crocs would have to be really comfy to convert me, even if they look a little cuter than mine…

  11. SweetBasta Says:

    When will they come out with the Croc Cowboy Boots?

  12. Erin Says:

    I LOVE my slip on Crocs — wear them to the garden. So easy to spray dirt off of. And I really love my Mary Jane Crocs — they’re my summer staple shoe. The comfortableness really makes up for the ugliness!

  13. Liz Says:

    What are you people on ? Crocs, Mary Janes, Caymans and all the rest are FABULOUS !
    What more could you ask for in a shoe ? They are SOOOOOO comfortable, come up like new with a bit of soap & water, DO NOT make your feet sweaty, DO NOT give you blisters (unlike cheap copies), come in funky colours that cheer you up and generally make you SMILE !
    I am the proud owner of numerous pairs and wear them with a GRIN !!!!!
    Get with the program people, Love those funny little shoes that look like Cheese !!!!!!!!

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