Pretty Colors

B: HAPPY BIRTHDAY [nope, it’s not really my birthday]

Me: cONGRATS on the bris!! [and no, B was not just circumcised]

Me: I made a pitcher of Crystal Lite last night and some powder must’ve gotten in my nose because I just blew my nose and it was purple. *beam*

B: how on earth are you single

Me: Beats me! I thought for sure I would meet someone in that latch hook rug class but no one seemed interested in my colored snot stories.


2 Responses to “Pretty Colors”

  1. Kriss Says:


    Now, who doesn’t love a good snot story?!?! 😉

  2. M (Tales From an OC Cottage) Says:

    HA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it! Also, the name of your blog…I always tell people I’m like a badger…attracted to anything SHINEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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