Naps & Mee Maws

I prattle on about naps for a bit here so have a listen to one of my favorite dreamy songs while you read:

Y’all? This has been a busy week! (If that isn’t the start of a fascinating blog post, I don’t know what is.) And now it’s the weekend and there’s so much I want to do but on Saturdays and Sundays, I’m often seduced by the sweet siren song of an afternoon nap. (Sometime in the future when I have children, I’ll probably want to stab myself for that last sentence.)

Have we talked about our favorite nap scenarios? Mine is this: It’s a summer afternoon in a Virginia farmhouse like my Grandmama had. I’m in a tidy upstairs bedroom with a shabby chic feel. There are sheer curtains covering the windows so sunlight is spilling in the room but it’s soft and muted. The windows are open and a warm breeze is trickling in too. The bed has lots of pillows and a freshly-laundered sheet for me to cover up with. Abby is snoozing beside me and it wouldn’t hurt to have a snuggling partner, but that’s a different scenario. What’s your ideal nap-time scene?

And speaking of Grandmamas, I’d love to hear what you call your grandparents. We called my Dad’s Mom “Nemock” (pronounced like “nih-mock”.) I think that was a word my brother made up when he was little. We called my Dad’s Dad “Granddaddy,” which in the South sounds like “grin-daddy.” My Mom’s Mom is called “Granny” and we called her hubs “Paw-Paw.”

I was named after my great grandmothers who both had a unique name and spelled it the same way. We called my Dad’s grandmother, the Virginia one, “Grandmama” (but don’t say the “nd”) and later on “Grandmama Hoppy” and then just “Hoppy,” because she had buns in her yard. We called my Mom’s grandmother, the Texas one, “Granny.”

My brother and I have always called my Dad “Pa,” like “rah” not “paw.” I’m not sure how that started – maybe from Papa Bear? Anyway, it used to embarrass me a little, especially when I was a teenager, but now I appreciate how sweet and endearing it is. My Mom is “Mom” and I never really had a specific nickname for my brother (other than dumbass…KIDDING!) How about you?


7 Responses to “Naps & Mee Maws”

  1. Kriss Says:

    My favorite nap is similar to yours – open windows, sunlight streaming in, gentle breeze, birds tweeting away. On freshly laundered linens which have been hanging outside all day. Without The Husband (he snores like a wood chipper).

    We called my grandparents the boring “Grandma” and “Grandpa”. Now we’ve started calling my parents Gramma & Grumpa, to get ready for the baby.

    The dogs have always known them as Gramma & Grumpa, tho; & give happy little puppy squeals whenever we see them.

    I have to figure out how to have the little one refer to my evil mother-in-law yet. Is it wrong to teach a kid to say “wretched”?????

  2. westwardbound Says:

    My ideal nap is dozing on a towel on the beach, beneath an umbrella, listening to the ocean crashing, my legs and body so tired but warm from swimming. Nooot so much happening in Indiana.

    We called my grandparents “Grandmother” and “Grandfather.” Both sets. We’d distinguish by last name if necessary. BORING. When I was a teenager, my mother discovered that her father had been serious when he asked to be called “Colonel” by his grandchildren, and that’s what we started to do. (He was a Colonel in the Army.)

    Our son calls my parents “Grams” and “Pops” per their request.

  3. Amy Says:

    I can nap anytime, anywhere, and any nap is good. Especially since I’m still at work. It’s SO not the weekend yet!

  4. Amelia Says:

    I’ll just repeat what Amy said: I can nap anytime, anywhere, and any nap is good.

    Now I’m really, really curious what your first name is.

  5. lydia Says:

    That is definitely the perfect dreamy naptime song. Love Steve Miller.

    It’d be impossible to choose ONE favorite naptime scenario… but, if I must: A hammock with my hubs on the beach… slightly overcast, breeze blowing, ocean in the background… perfect. Although in my house on the couch with Law & Order on TV and a wicked thunderstorm outside is awesome, too. 🙂

    I’m a Southern Girl, so my mom’s parents are Nana and Papa, but Papa is pronounced “Paw-Paw.” And dad’s parents are Pop and Grandma, but Grandma is more like “Gram-maw.” 🙂

  6. SweetBasta Says:

    I get the best sleep once Mymsie starts going on about fabric and the art of sewing button-holes. Especially after having snack that includes bacon.

  7. ie Says:

    My grandparents on both sides were Oma and Opa. Since I barely knew either set, it was easy to not get them mixed up.

    My ex called his grandparents Papa and Vinie. I thought that was cute.

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