Obama for County Coroner

The girls and I stayed up late last night waiting for the primary returns. We finally gave up around 1 a.m., just in time to watch The Golden Girls on Lifetime. I’m so hip (replacement.)

I made a zipper pouch for someone in my office who recently graduated. (free pattern!) The instructions for sewing in the zipper were the easiest I’ve ever followed. I made a mistake so my zipper was a little wonky on the ends but the technique for sewing it in place is one I’ll use from now on.

I’d never used ric rac before and now I want to sew it on everything. It’s so fetching!

You know what irks me? If you iron interfacing on fabric and then the fabric gets wrinkled, the interfacing holds the wrinkles so the fabric looks wrinkly no matter how much you iron it. I think from now on I’ll iron interfacing to the lining so at least the wrinkles will be hidden. Any other ideas?

Mark your calendars for next Friday, May 16th. I’m hosting a little game night and you’re welcome to come. Amy, KNH, Westward Bound, and PastaQueen will all be making cameos, which is great but really the only impetus you should need is the chance to behold my unequaled Taboo skills.

I just discovered MGMT and am particularly enjoying Time to Pretend. The beginning is all squidgy and bubbly:


3 Responses to “Obama for County Coroner”

  1. Kriss Says:

    Love the zipper pouch! I’m going to make sure and incorporate “ric rac” in all of my conversations tomorrow. 🙂

    Enjoy game night! I am The Grand Poohba of Scattergories, & love it when a group of us get together for an evening of silliness.

  2. westwardbound Says:

    So we’re on? Yippee!

  3. Amy Says:

    I’m not very good at Taboo, so how much alcohol can I bring to soften the blow to my psyche?

    My email has been WAY messed up lately so I hope I haven’t missed anything from you! Glad to hear we’re on.

    BTW, I talked to one of the guys running for coroner at my polling place and asked him WHY we needed to ELECT that person! No Republican better be examining my smushed body after a car wreck, right?

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