Feeling Blue?

It’s no wonder, with the weather so rainy and blurgy. But I have a sure-fire cure for those ‘Is It the Weekend Yet?’ doldrums. Please follow these directions very carefully. Straying from them might result in bizarre behavior like uncontrolled giggling and urges to pants strangers at the mall.

Let’s begin.

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Let your mind wander back to the 80s. Layered socks, neon Ts, Ray-Ban Wayfarers – oh my!
  3. Now zero in on the dancing scene from The Breakfast Club.
  4. Do you feel the fever to move? It usually starts in your tootsies and works its way up to your booty until you can’t sit still any longer.
  5. Now crank up the volume on your ‘puter.
  6. Don’t be stingy – all the way up!
  7. Stand up.
  8. Press play.
  9. Get stupid and dance like nobody’s watchin’!

When you’re finished, come on back.

You done?

Are you sure?

I think you might need to listen again.

Feel better? Cathartic, right? Guess who sings that song? Ashlee Simpson! It’s from her recent album, which is a fun listen but I especially love this song. I heard it a few months ago and it’s since grown on me like kudzu on a Georgia plantation. I can hardly stand all the 80s deliciousness! As usual, when we’re compelled to bust a move, we have Timbaland to thank.


One Response to “Feeling Blue?”

  1. Kriss Says:

    ACK!!!!! You made me listen to Ashlee Simpson. ACK!!! My ears, my poor, burning, stinging ears!!!

    I need to go find some Buckcherry now.

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