As Coherent A Post-Kidney Stone Post As Possible

  • I took 20 minutes today to get my long-neglected Gmail Inbox down to 32 messages – yee haw! Am I the only one who’s not floored by Gmail’s organizational system. It seems counter-intuitive to me, but that may only reflect on the sad state of affairs in my noggin.
  • Loving the new Weezer.
  • Fire up the Batter Blaster and fill up the Condiment Gun with hot maple syrup. When we’re done with breakfast, let’s see if we can’t conjure up some of that innovative spirit to address a few other issues like the genocide in Darfur and why I always end up sitting on my sunglasses.
  • I got my economic stimulus moola. I plan on using it to buy a bigger TV so if you spot any good deals, please let me know.
  • I was reading about gallstones to make sure my symptoms didn’t match, and they don’t, but look at this. How can we possibly continue living normally after seeing that? HOW?!
  • Did you download the latest NIN album, The Slip? It’s free!
  • This movie looks wonderful.
  • Have you heard about the 1000 Journals Project? A thousand journals are making their way around the world. Each person adds something to a journal and passes it on. Isn’t that cool?
  • I’m making this recipe this weekend but using whole-wheat couscous instead of orzo. It says to use a blender or mixer to make this pesto-like puree. My blender is kaput. I’ve never owned a mixer/food processor and wonder if they earn their keep or if I should just get a new blender, which will surely also be used as it has been in the past for impromptu margarita parties and other swill sessions.
  • Steve Carell hosts SNL tomorrow and I can’t wait!
  • I don’t remember any of the Indiana Jones movies except the Sean Connery one so I think the girls and I are going to watch them this weekend in preparation for the Crystal Skull.
  • One of my favorite things about Google Reader is that you can mark anything in your feed to share with other users. The journalist in me LOVES this ability to spread the word about neat stuff I encounter. You can even subscribe to people’s shared feeds (here’s mine.) I have a sidebar widget that displays the last 5 things I’ve shared. Last week, Google introduced a new feature that allows you to add a note to shared items AND now you can share any Web page, regardless of whether or not it’s in your feed. When the Notes feature was first released, there wasn’t a way to delete notes, which was really dumb but the developers have since fixed that. Cool, huh?
  • I can’t stand cooked cauliflower but raw is OK every now and then.
  • Abby is blowing her coat for spring so there is fur everywhere. Run and hide and for God’s sake, DON’T WEAR BLACK!

4 Responses to “As Coherent A Post-Kidney Stone Post As Possible”

  1. Julie Says:

    The Google Reader features seem pretty freaking cool compared to Bloglines. Might see a switch in my future. But oh, all those blogs to switch? Makes me tired just thinking about it.

  2. Kriss Says:

    WTF is that batter blaster for? Because, seriously, are we soooo lazy that we can no longer MIX PANCAKE BATTER??????

    Zoey isn’t blowing yet, but I expect it will happen with the heat wave next week. We’re still getting into the upper 30’s & low 40’s at night, so her body hasn’t got the signal to blast off her coat yet.

    And most of all? Take it really easy & rest up the next couple of days, so you feel bettter after that damn stone.

  3. Amy Says:

    Kidney stones: the more I hear, the more I fear.

    You need to come over here and cleanup my inbox. It’s not Gmail, which might be part of the problem. It might also be that sometimes my client decides to re-download the last 75 messages that I’ve already gone through and I end up with several copies of everything. I think the root cause is that I say “I’ll get to that” and I feel security in knowing it’s still there, even if I never get to it! Mailbox cleanup happens when I get a new mail client. 🙂

    I rarely use David’s THREE food processors (different sizes) or my mixer, but there are several recipes (like hummus or pulverizing nuts) that cannot be made without them, so I believe they are necessary. I’m actually getting rid of my never-used blender because these are a lot better. (You can have it if you want it. It may be brand new. Not a particularly good one though.)

  4. A-frame Says:

    Blender. Definitely replace the blender rather than get a food processor. FPs have huge footprints and hog space. The accessories tumble out of the cabinet into your head. PIA. Smooches!

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