…Those Who Can’t, Teach

I just checked my calendar and noticed that classes start soon, which means I’ll be teaching again in the next few weeks. It’s been nice to have May off. Sometimes it’s a little annoying to work 12-hour days, going from my full-time job to teaching, but mostly it’s worth it. For one thing, IU is pretty ahead of the curve in terms of IT and as an IU employee, I have access to lots of great resources. That helps me keep up with the latest flux capacitor developments. It’s also nice to have some spare change for unexpected bills (therapy ain’t cheap) or non-essential purchases (purses.)

How was your holiday weekend? Mine was so productive that on Monday evening, I thought I should lay on the couch and drool for a few hours just to make things right in the universe. It felt good to get some things accomplished. I also took Moxy and Lean to the airport. They’re in sunny Cancun as we speak and had the audacity to send me text messages complaining about the heat! Sounds like it’s unseasonably hot and humid, so they’ve been sticking to morning and evening activities, which I’m thinking means nursing hangovers and salsa dancing with locals.

Despite Sunday’s yucky humidity, Abbs and I went for several nice walks over the weekend. Even though I love summer, I’m sort of dreading those days that are so hot, I can barely stand to be outside long enough for Abby to tinkle. This may be a good year for me to start rockin’ a parasol but that’s a tough look to get away with, barring participation in any Victorian-era historical reenactments.

Amy and KNH and I met Saturday evening for an impromptu dinner at a lovely little Indian restaurant. There we learned that black salt, which is apparently used in Indian cooking, is a laxative. Maybe not a good ingredient for the amuse buche at your next dinner party but perfect for salting the rim of your ex’s Margarita.

And now for your viewing pleasure, please enjoy this clip of sweet baby buns participating in synchronized munching at the Bunlympics:


2 Responses to “…Those Who Can’t, Teach”

  1. Sara Says:

    I just read somewhere that the umbrella as fashion accessory is supposed to be very “in” this summer. Use the parasol with confidence!

  2. Tyra Says:

    Aww….They bunnies are so ADORABLE! Where can you get bunnies like that?!?!?

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