Snip Snip

I got my hair cut tonight but tried out a new salon.

Aside to Indy folks: I went to Hair Spray on E. 86th. The girl who cut my hair last at Aveda graduated and got a job there. I gave her a good evaluation, so she called me and said if I came in, my first cut would be 50% off, my second cut would be 75% off, and my third cut would be free! I couldn’t turn that down, especially since she’s only charging $25/cut because she’s just starting out. In addition to the hair cut, they offer an “SRT” or “stress relief treatment,” which is basically a free mini-massage and a free mini-facial, but I didn’t dare tamper with my already temperamental skin. If you’re interested, ask for Megan – she’s very cool and does a great job. Tell her I sent ya!

As is standard for me, nothing happens in my life until I tell people about it, so as soon as I got to the car, I snapped a few pics of my new cut. My face looks a bit red but I think that’s because she had to dry my hair for awhile to straighten it. I realized I hadn’t straightened it since the last time she cut my hair in October. It’s always nice to leave the task of straightening to someone else, though I would like to get a flat iron and straighten it myself occasionally. I wish I had the wherewithal to get up early and do something with my ‘fro but that never happens. Sleep is too precious.

I just got a trim this time, so there are no sideburns or faux-hawks to gawk at, but I still did my best to make a fool of myself. I remembered that a few weeks ago, a friend I used to work with, better known around here as Mr. Keester/SweetBasta, mentioned that I always take pics of myself in my car. (Note: He who peeks through glass plates should not cast stones.) When I started uploading my pics from today, I realized I had again taken them in the car. Just to show Mr. Keester, I decided to snap a few pics in my apartment. Guess what happened? In the first one, I look like:

  • I recently sustained a whiplash injury
  • I’m re-enacting the passing of a kidney stone
  • I’m anthropomorphizing a baby bird about to receive chewed worm leavin’s from her Mama:

Hair Cut Outtake

The second picture isn’t much better. I accidentally snapped it just in time to capture me squinting at the bright flash:

Hair Cut Outtake

See what happens when I try to take pictures outside the safe womb of my car?? I think we can all agree this is something we never want to happen again.


4 Responses to “Snip Snip”

  1. westwardbound Says:

    You’re so cute…posting silly shots when surely you’re working with a digital camera. ;P
    Cut looks good! I need to get mine shaped or something. It’s in BLAH length right now.

  2. SweetBasta Says:

    I vote that the first one is the worm eating baby bird. The second one looks like you are having a hard time with a stubborn BM. Poor Mymsie Floofinhymer, she’s all stopped up. As for hair straghtening, since I don’t have any the girls at the kiosk in the mall look at me as if I were the devil when I walk by, since there is no hair for them to demo thier irons on. I like to mess with the lotion pushers too. When they hold out the tray with the little cups of lotion samples I always say “No Thanks, I just ate”.

  3. Kriss Says:

    I agree – your hair looks really good!! (I’m curious what it looks like curly, too – does it shrink up much?)

    BTW – what are you? Like, 12? You have such good skin & so much cuteness. =)

  4. KNH Says:

    Nice hair! What is it about a swingy, fresh cut and a blowout that refreshes the soul?

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