It’s Time

Are you one of those sissies who’s all “It’s only June – I hate to turn on the air conditioner already?” If so, I don’t think we can be friends because I am so not that girl. Maybe it’s from growing up in the south, where we’re liberal in our use of air conditioning (and butter.) I don’t crank it for every passing hot flash but when it’s time, IT’S TIME.

I finally saw the Sex & the City movie last weekend. I’ve been excited for months and months, even though I sort of agree with the feminist perspective. Still I’m a big fan. For me the show wasn’t about shoes and cocktails, rather the girls’ friendships. One of my favorite examples is in this clip. Carrie agrees to participate in a fashion show but totally biffs it on the runway. I LOVE Miranda’s reaction once she’s picked herself up (excuse the subtitles):

The movie’s portrayal of the friendships was lovely and moving. I also liked that the characters were allowed to age. There’s even a sans-make up close-up of Carrie lookin’ pretty rough but I appreciated it because we can’t always be camera ready. Overall it was a fun flick but I hated the way the Carrie/Big sitch ended. It didn’t feel right to me. (I can’t believe Darren Star didn’t consult with me about the screenplay!)

Did I mention that I’m going to the Death Cab concert on Saturday? AZBad is comin’ into town to join in the fun. I can’t wait! Would it be inappropriate to ask one of the band’s security guards to get me a lock of Ben Gibbard‘s hair? An envelope he licked would be fine too.


One Response to “It’s Time”

  1. Kriss Says:

    Oh, we’ve had our air on since the week before Memorial Day, too. Of course, it was busted for a couple weeks – but it’s working fine now.

    I hate the humidity around here. On the worst days, we sweat as soon as we open the patio door. Blech.

    Have fun at your DCFC concert tomorrow night!!

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