Concert Wrap-Up

Ben loves Mymsie
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That pretty much sums up Saturday night’s Death Cab concert. The band was as awesome as ever and I fell in love with the venue – The Lawn at the White River State Park. It’s a rolling, grassy knoll overlooking a sound stage set against the river. The view is great no matter where you sit. You can cop a squat or use the free folding chairs. (Note: Those babies are so low to the ground they’re like sleds.) That’s one thing I love about Indy – sure, we’re the 13th largest city in the U.S. but we still have intimate concert venues and relatively easy parking.

At the concert, my feet were lookin’ stylish and feelin’ delightfully cushioned thanks to my new Crocs. (I ordered mine from Piperlime, which offers free shipping, even for returns.) I originally thought I’d get Mary Janes but ended up choosing Malindis and I LOVE ’em. They’re comfortable, sassy, and free of all that holey Croc armor.

Oh, and one more thing: Would all my spawning friends please make a concerted effort to have girls? Everyone is having (or has already had) boys and boy baby sewing projects are fun but OH MY GOD, have you seen the stuff for girls? It’s all so cute, I have to slam my hand in a drawer to temper the sweetness.

P.S. Enjoy some Yelle – it’s fun, bubbly French pop! (Give it a few seconds to buffer.)


3 Responses to “Concert Wrap-Up”

  1. Kriss Says:

    I glanced at your shoes, but HOLY GOD, have you got nice legs!!! Straight girl to straight girl, of course.

  2. Amelia Says:

    Be glad you didn’t get Crocs with straps. The button on the inside of my left Croc has rubbed a raw spot on my foot a couple of times now, and my nanny-kid’s friend had the same problem. I guess we have funky-shaped feet, because I’ve never heard of this happening. It makes me wary about wearing my Crocs for more than a trip to the dumpster up the hill.

  3. Amy Says:

    There was an album 15 years ago by The Choir called Free Flying Soul that I swear was Death Cab. Same style, voice… I thought maybe it really was them when I heard DC come out more recently. The Choir’s Circle Slide was a better album but doesn’t remind me of DC so much.

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