Deep Thoughts from the State of Inebriation

The things you come up with when you’re drunk are often priceless gems of wisdom. Intoxication shines the light on these telling witticisms you might not otherwise ponder. I beheld such wisdom Saturday night after the Death Cab concert. I went with my buddy AZBad, who earlier in the day had the pleasure of using a homemade Margarita machine her friends had scored at a yard sale. As AZBad described it, it was a cooler with a garbage disposal inside and a hole drilled in the bottom. I’m pretty sure we can all agree that Margaritas in bulk = AWESOME. Needless to say, AZBad had a few and topped them off with some wine at the concert. She wasn’t trashed, but she was tipsy enough to find her way into that altered state during which we pontificate the best. As we waited in a long line of cars trying to leave a parking lot, she’s suddenly offered:

“You know, you spend a lot of time looking at the backs of cars. But if you think about your car, you don’t picture the back of it.”

SO true, yet nothing any sober person would note. She went on to tell me that she’s grown to hate the backs of certain cars. She’s apparently put quite a lot of thought into this topic. If you’re interested in participating in a round table discussion to further expound on it, let me know!

P.S. I forgot to mention that at the concert, (lead Singer) Ben Gibbard said “…subvert dominant paradigms,” and I wanted to throw my undies on stage. He was commenting on a group of people in the audience who weren’t acting status quo. Isn’t it hot when boys are well-spoken?


4 Responses to “Deep Thoughts from the State of Inebriation”

  1. ferretygoon Says:

    What happens when you ARE in that altered state, and you do manage to come up with some profound gems of incredible insight, but you (and everyone else around you) don’t have the ability to retain that thought, does tha thought go into a hole in space where it exists in sort of a “thought” limbo, or does it disintegrate into non existence??

  2. Amy Says:

    Wow, I hate the rears (and other sides) of several car models too… I probably spend more time judging the driver based on accessories and bumper stickers, though. I also wonder what the engineers were thinking when they designed the ugly cars. I imagine some market analysis where everyone they ask happens to be an idiot or something.

  3. SweetBasta Says:

    ferretygoon – don’t fear, if you are near Mymsie she will preserve your pontification for future generations to admire and recite. If Mymsie is not around . . . you are SOL.

    I wonder if Cowboys thought the same thing about the backs of horses? Some people may think of themselves and imagine their backside, especially if they are wearing sweatpants with Juicy across the tush.

  4. The Drunk People Are Funny « Distracted by Something Shiny Says:

    […] with drunk people – the clumsy hands spilling cocktails in their wake, the long pauses followed by deep thoughts, the inability to keep on one’s footwear – joie de vivre! One of Lean’s grad school […]

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