Ear Holes

No earbuds!It seems like nowadays most people wear earbud-type headphones instead of the old school kind, which I vastly prefer. That said, I realized recently why I hated earbuds so much – I was shoving them too far into my ear! I finally discovered that the little bastards need only be placed on the cusp of your ear canal to impart plenty of sound. But now I’m beginning to wonder if my, um, ear holes are unusually small or something, because my earbuds fall out all the time. It’s so irritating! I’ve always had ear problems, starting with needing tubes in my ears when I was a tot, so maybe I’m also the carrier of some mutant gene that makes one’s ear canal incompatible with certain shapes, which come to think of it, is probably a useful trait to have.

I miss proper headphones! Am I the only gen Xer whose had difficultly making the transition from voluptuous, cushiony pads to oddly-shaped nobules destined to be coated in ear wax? Even the headband was useful for holding back my hair while I was exercising. In fact, I still insist on wearing formidable Sony headphones when I’m exercising. I don’t have an iPod either so I lug around my Discman, further making me look like a Neanderthal among modern folks, but I’ve long since grown accustomed to mortification, so it doesn’t bother me much anymore. Still, if you see someone waddling along jammin’ to Baby Got Back on her massive headphones, give ‘er a thumbs-up – it will make her day!

7 Responses to “Ear Holes”

  1. SweetBasta Says:

    I don’t like the earbuds either. They make my ears hurt. The only thing good about them is the ease with which they pack in the backpack. That said I am with you on the soft cushy earphones.

    I am ear challenged as well – I am completely deaf in my left ear, so when listening to old school recordings like some Beatles stuff they would track some of the music to the left channel and some to the right. When I listen to some of those songs I only hear half of the music. Like maybe just Paul singing backup to John on a song, and just the base line and a tamborine. Puts a whole new spin to “Hold me tight”

  2. westwardbound Says:

    Ohno, you are not alone on this. I can’t stand them because most of the time I’m wearing earphones, I’m working out and earbuds fall out constantly. I have to wear a bandana over my ears to keep them in. Annoying!

  3. lydia Says:

    Yeah, you’re gonna have to explain to me how that google reader thing works. Ironically, I just looked at it earlier today because I thought it was what I needed, but I sort of glassed over and couldn’t figure out exactly what it would do for me, so I gave up. Then you come along and tell me it’s what I need, and now I feel like I need to go back to it, but it looks scary. ;0)

  4. Kriss Says:

    I hate those freaking ear buds, too. They seem to rub the little nubbin next to my head until it’s practically raw.

    I know they’re super expensive, but the Bose noise-canceling headphones are heavenly. I got Dave a pair for Christmas 2 years ago, and they’re the most comfortable things you can put on your head. If you can swing it in your budget, order a set – you won’t be disappointed. 🙂

  5. Amy Says:

    I have ear problems too. When I was small my mom would pour warm oil in them, to soften the wax, I guess. I remember lying on the floor and how nice the oil felt. I have super tiny canals–most QTips do not fit in and I can’t wear earplugs–so I’ve always found ear exams with that scope thing to be painful. To this day doctors realize they need a pediatric otoscope to see in there but doctors who see adults don’t have them!

    Also, my right ear smells nasty. This is information from David and sometimes it’s worse than others, but it’s true. My mom said I had a funny-smelling ear when I was a kid so I assume it’s the same issue.

    Gross, huh?

  6. Michelle Says:

    I don’t like ear buds either…they never feel secure. Of course I’m so old school that i don’t own a device that requires them…no ipod here and my headset for the my phone (which I never use) clips over my ear rather than getting shoved inside.

  7. Toni Says:

    How the hell can anyone stand earbuds? Like yourself, they’re always too big for the inside of my ear, so they fall out. They also hurt like all hell, even the gummy ones. They make my ears itchy and sweaty. And after accidentally sleeping in a pair all night once, I woke up with a black and blue bruised ear that stayed that way for several days. I’ll never have a bluetooth headset. I probably need a hearing aid (I’m hard of hearing in my left ear), but there’s no way in HELL I’d ever wear one just cuz I can’t STAND things in or around my ear. Same reason I’ll never wear glasses again. Eff earbuds. Give me my good old-fashioned cans.

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