Nudder Meeeem

Westward Bound tagged me for a meme – I haven’t played in awhile so here goes. Please feel free to join in the fun!

The rules are to link the person who sent it to you, mention these rules in your blog, then (the fun part) tell us about 6 random, unspectacular quirks that you possess.  Then tag 6 others to do the same.

  1. You know how some people just can’t stand certain things? Like my high school friend Jamie HATED tags on anything but blankets especially. She had gone to preschool with a kid who sucked on his blankie’s tag and it tainted her for life. Well my thing is that I can’t stand little pieces of balled-up paper, like napkins, or especially gross to me is wet straw paper. It’s just so gnarly and soppy.
  2. Anytime I hear a noise or sound, I automatically match the pitch without thinking about. I can’t help myself! I guess it’s from music and singing being a big part of my life. The only other person I’ve met who does this is my good friend B. I found out when we were sitting outside a jazz club one night and a car drove by laying on the horn. Without missing a beat we both matched the pitch. At that moment, we knew we were destined to be in the same unit in the mental hospital.
  3. I sometimes have distressing dreams about having to walk barefoot on a filthy locker room floor that’s wet and covered in hair. It’s the ultimate disgust to me. (This is getting kind of embarrassing, but I’ll press on.)
  4. Every time I come home, I make a big fuss over Abby and how much I missed her. I can see it makes her so happy and it makes me feel good too. I want to be sure to remember to do this even when I have a bustling family. Animals are very important!
  5. In high school, this guy in my German class (who strangely enough is that same kid who sucked his blankie tag in preschool – small town) said something that nearly caused me to pee in my pants. He heard some name that was one of those first name last names and then in a funny voice said, “Bill Frank.” I know it doesn’t sound that funny but I couldn’t stop laughing, which was bad because I got in trouble in German class ALL THE TIME. My best friend Kim and I even had to be separated for being loud and laughing and talking. Poor Frau Seglestrom – she was flummoxed because I was naughty but still got all As. Everyone called her “Frau,” which she explained was sort of an insult but no matter how hard she tried, people wouldn’t stop.
  6. And speaking of high school, I said “F*ck you” to my gym teacher my sophomore year. Remember that I lived in a town with only 1100 people and my Dad was the minister at a local church. Ooooo, I got in SO much trouble – my Mom made me wash the outside of the windows of our house and I cried the whole time like Cinderelly. It was relatively scandalous though. It’s just that teacher was such a bitch and I lost my cool one day. The funny thing was that she heard SOMEONE say it but didn’t know who it was. We were all in the girls locker room. She threatened to give everyone detention if the guilty party didn’t come forward. Finally I went into her office and asked to use some lotion and as I was putting it on my legs I said, “Oh, I was the one who said it.” Heh – so savvy!

(Those last 2 weren’t really quirks but with my 100 Things and 50 More Things, it’s hard to keep coming up with quirks!)


3 Responses to “Nudder Meeeem”

  1. westwardbound Says:

    Cursing at a teacher? You (going to hell) REBEL! ;P

  2. Amy Says:

    #3: I’m totally with you. I never go barefoot, even in my own house. Only the beach is an exception, sometimes.

    #2: Well, David matched the pitch to a fart (not mine!) the other day. He even compared two in a row and declared they were a major third. I about peed MY pants laughing.

  3. Amelia Says:

    You didn’t tag anyone. :p

    I once said “shit” in social studies class. The teacher told me she could “see my halo sizzling.” Stupid small towns. :p

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