Tempest in a Tea Pot

Being a GRITS (girl raised in the south), I’m a big fan of iced tea. There was always a pitcher in the fridge growing up – it was my family’s staple beverage. Thank the Lord my parents had the presence of mind to make sure we only used artificial sweetener in our tea (although I know that can be bad for you too.) Of course sugar-sweetened tea is good, but as you know it’s decidedly not good for you.

At covered-dishes (translation for Yankees = “potlucks” or “pitch-ins”), my grandmother would set out a tiny pitcher of simple syrup for people to pour into their glistening glasses of freshly-made iced tea. When I’m having a bad day, I like to think of that tiny pitcher and then imagine myself pouring its contents into my gaping, drooly maw.


It’s hard to get good iced tea at restaurants in the Midwest but Panera is an exception. Their tea is brewed perfectly and freshly everyday. I’ve been stopping by every morning to get a large iced tea with 3 lemons wedges, which lasts me the entire day. (The number of wedges is important to maintaining the perfect lemon-to-tea ratio!) The Panera cashiers know me by name now and one of them suggested I save my cup and bring it in for a free refill every other day instead of buying a new one each day. Wasn’t that so nice of her? I’m wondering if I can extend this policy to other stores. Like for example, I’m running out of some Victoria’s Secret lotion of mine, so maybe I’ll just bring in the empty tube and see if anybody notices me refilling it from a new one. One of those buxom cashiers would probably try to stab me with the pointy cups of her über bra.

I saw something at Post Secret a few weeks ago that I thought was sweet. If you don’t know, someone set up a P.O. box for people to send anonymous secrets too. Each week, some of them are posted on the site. They range from goofy to heart-breakingly tender. They’ve even been compiled in several books. Here’s the one that caught my eye:

Target Cashier

He/She’s totally paying it forward! I guess it’s sort of ripping off Target but I’m pretty sure they rake in enough dough from my impulse, red-sticker buys alone. And that damn Dollar Spot? IRRESISTIBLE!

Edited to add: Picture should display now sorry!


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