Putting the “Log” Into “Blog”

I hate to cop out, but in order to easy my transition from tight-lipped recluse to blabbermouth blogger, I may have to employ the bullet format. And so it shall be!

  • Right off the bat, can someone please give me permission to get this necklace? I don’t really need it but I sure do want it.
    • In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that I just got these earrings.
  • I used Blue Bird Baby’s easy-peasy tutorial to make this purse:Apron purse
    I added a few inches to the dimensions ’cause I like big bags although it sure is a pain in the ass when I can’t find my keys. Why don’t I do something sensible like always putting them in same place? Nope – too practical.
  • And speaking of bags, my Dad and I donated to Obama’s campaign last week and he ordered an Obama tote for me ’cause he knows what a bag fiend I am. Sweet, huh?
  • The girls and I watched Annie Hall a few weekends ago. I had never seen it but it looks like dating hasn’t changed much since then. It was cool to see such a young Diane Keaton in her sassy masculine duds.
  • I made a YUMMY vegetable casserole last week based on this recipe. I skipped the tortillas, cottage cheese, and feta and just combined everything else. I sauteed the onion, zucchini, and mushrooms first. The results were DELICIOUS but next time I won’t include avocado because when cooked, it tasted like eggy poo.
  • This week I made this chickpea salad recipe but pared it down to just chickpeas, kalamata olives, lemon juice, red-wine vinegar, olive oil, and oregano. And a little tip I’ve learned is to rinse the chickpeas really well whenever they’re canned. Otherwise they have an ucky, tinny flavor.
  • My girls are leaving town for the holiday, so it will probably be a low-key weekend for me. I can report that I’ve also been hanging out with a VERY sweet gentlemen friend.
  • Boys are smelly.
  • Why is it that even at the advanced age of 31, I still act like a teenager when my boss goes out of town? Just the thought of the potential long lunches and opportunities to hoard office supplies gets me giddy!

7 Responses to “Putting the “Log” Into “Blog””

  1. Kristin J Says:

    Love the bag. I love cherries and aprons and black! great combo. I say to you, get the necklace! Asymmetrical and rose. what more do you need?? enjoy your office supply gorge.

  2. Kriss Says:

    I love the bag, too, Miss Myms. When can we start looking for your cutey wares on Etsy?!?

    And I want details of the piece of wonderful you’re hanging out with!

    OMG – I used to hoard office supplies, too. It’s like a sickness. And I refuse to look into a treatment plan, because you can never have too many paper clips or post-it notes!

  3. A-frame Says:

    Am I alone in loving Diane Keaton in her Annie Hall boy-duds but kinda wishin-n-hopin she’d move her fashion sense the f&ck on? AH was released in 1977 and she hasn’t shown skin below the chinline since. What’s that? Yes? I am alone? Oh well. *sigh*

  4. SweetBasta Says:

    – I will bullet list my response as well.

    – I think the wood beads are cool, but what is up with that gumball machine plastic rose? Could that pink color be anymore un-natural?

    – My son Wyatt says Baracco bama. I think it is because we have a dog named Rocco.

    – My favorite line from Annie Hall is when Woody comes out of the bathroom and states “That isn’t a spider its a Volkswagon!”

    – Have you shown the gentelman caller your glass unicorn yet?

    – I am not smelly, I use speed stick.

    – Could you grab me a cool highlighter while you are in the supply closet?

  5. Amy Says:

    Instead of hoarding office supplies, I try to find them new homes when they are unwanted. We had some ppl at work getting rid of hundreds of hanging file folders and I couldn’t bear to see them thrown out, so I started leaving them at various copy machines in nearby buildings so hopefully other ppl would use them! I wanted to take them home and Freecycle them but I felt guilty about removing office supplies from work, though it was saving them from the trash! I worry about this stuff too much.

    If you are REALLY bored we (meaning I, probably) may be scraping and painting the front porch and planting flowers this weekend…. blech. Oh and having dinner with the boy’s mother on the 4th, to which I need to bring a snazzy veggie dish that everyone will like. Whoopee!

  6. Amy Says:


  7. Judi Says:

    oh that chickpea salad looks very very good. I like beans in soups and salads so I am going to be sure to give it a try.

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