The Drunk People Are Funny

Until last night, I’d forgotten what an adventure it is hanging out with drunk people – the clumsy hands spilling cocktails in their wake, the long pauses followed by deep thoughts, the inability to keep on one’s footwear – joie de vivre! One of Lean’s grad school friends came into town and they got absolutely SLOSHED. It reminded me of my early college days when partying like that was a staple on my social calendar. But those days have long since passed – I can’t even remember the last time I was drunk. (Lean likes to make a joke about some wine coolers last fall but don’t listen to her.) After awhile, the drunkenness rubbed off on me as evidenced by my assurances to Lean’s friend (who lives in Appleton, WI) that “we will totally come visit you in Applebees.”

My iced latte was free today because the computer at Starbucks was down! As I happily slurped away, it occurred to me that little girl Mymsie would’ve hated the taste of espresso. What happens as we get older that makes us more tolerant of foul flavors like beer and blue cheese? Somehow the horror of those extra years crushes our wills until we actually appreciate the musk of smelly socks.


4 Responses to “The Drunk People Are Funny”

  1. Kriss Says:

    HEY!! I’m only about 15 minutes north of Appleton. Drinking is practically an Olympic sport around here.

    I still haven’t grown my adult taste buds. Beer? Blech. Cauliflower? Icky. Wine? Nope. French fries dipped in ranch dressing? Now that’s what I’m talking about.

    Congrats on the free latte!! Free stuff always tastes better. =)

  2. lydia Says:

    I’m convinced that our tastebuds start to die as we get older and we need increasingly harsh flavors to keep them excited. For example, I find myself putting hot sauce on more and more things, whereas I used to watch my dad do this and think he was a weirdo.

  3. SweetBasta Says:


    I did develop a taste for beer, wine, broccoli and asperagus. All things that I thought tasted foul when I was a kid. I never have gotten to where I can eat blue cheese though. Those really strong cheeses just taste like the smell of dirty sneakers to me.

    Free coffee drinks from Starbucks rule! With the prices they charge the 3rd one should always be free.

  4. PastaQueen Says:

    It’s especially funny when drunk people get on Twitter and their silly ramblings are immortalized.

    I too am a new coffee lover. Starbucks finally got me with their free coffee card last month.

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