I’m Too Cool to Care About Celebs

I couldn’t get a wireless signal at home all weekend, which wasn’t the end of the world but I sure did have a lot of PopSugar.com news to catch up on this morning…in addition to updates from other sites I frequent, such as Mensa.org. Ahem.

Apparently the air conditioning is broken in some of the buildings on campus so the PowerPoint workshop I was supposed to teach on Saturday was canceled. The rooms are already stuffy but with 25+ machines chugging and no AC, it would’ve been unbearable. It was nice to have a free weekend but this week I’m in the classroom four times. Yowsa! Fortunately this weekend should be lots of fun because if all goes according to plan, B is returning to the hive, which is a silly way of saying my friend’s coming to Indy. Yay!

Friday night, my friends and I went salsa dancing at Adobo. They offer a lesson before open dancing and the instructors were great. I missed the beginning so I was a bit lost on the more advanced steps, but it was still fun. I loved the music and especially loved watching the really good dancers, including some delicious boys. Salsa dancing is so sexy and sensual – rawrr!

Yesterday Moxy and I finally saw Get Smart. It was a barrel o’ fun except for one element: most of the characters in the movie were middle-aged men and then there was 25-year-old Anne Hathaway, who played 45-year-old Steve Carell’s love interest. Is it me or is that icky and annoying? Why couldn’t they have selected someone more age appropriate? BARFOLA on the limited roles for women in Hollywood!


One Response to “I’m Too Cool to Care About Celebs”

  1. Kriss Says:

    I haven’t seen Get Smart yet, but based on the previews, I thought the same thing. As if Anne Hathaway would be woo’d by Steve Carell in real life.

    I’ve never tried salsa dancing, but it looks like sex standing up. Yummy!

    P.S. LOVE your hair with the ringlets – you look so cute!!!

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