Jimmy is Jimmy No Matter What

WEEKEND – WEEKEND – WEEKEND! Do you have fun plans? I’m going dancing tonight at Ike & Jonesy’s with the girls. Apparently it’s quite the singles mecca and speaking of, did you hear about the syphilis outbreak in Indy? Moxy shared all the sordid details with me last night. It’s another proud moment for our city!

Awhile ago, Lean and I watched The Libertine. In it, Johnny Depp plays a 17th-century poet and sexual rebel whose untreated syphilis leaves him noseless. It was bleak stuff. My point? Wrap it up people! (Do you remember the Boogie Down Productions song Jimmy? (Listen here – it’s hip hop history!) It referred to condoms as “Jimmy hats.” At the time (1988), I thought KRS-One was rapping about actual hats. I was so adorably clueless!)

I found a new apartment complex I love but there aren’t any apartments available until October. My lease ends in December, so I’m just going to stay where I am until then. My current apartment is riddled with the negative energy of the last few years but I’ll save some money and have plenty of time to sort and pack.

A friend sent me a link to an article about students trying to give up technology for a week and pretty much failing. It’s got me thinking about whether I’d be up to the challenge. It would be rough but I could stay offline for a week. Relinquishing all technology is another matter entirely – not listening to music seems impossible. What on earth would I fill my time with if I couldn’t use a mobile phone, CD player, computer, TV, or DVD player? I guess I would read a lot, maybe get more exercise, and probably erase the benefits of that by nervously eating too much.

P.S. I’ve been getting Rock the Vote SPAM text messages on my phone. The hell??


4 Responses to “Jimmy is Jimmy No Matter What”

  1. Kris Says:

    I couldn’t give up technology for a whole week. A weekend? Yeah. But not seven whole days.

    And yay for moving in December!!

  2. Amy Says:

    You could always buy my house! 😉

    We went to Mammoth Cave and did the crawling-through-muddy-passages-in-the-dark tour. It was fun, except when it rained IN our tent.

    I’m so far out of the loop I didn’t hear about the syphilis thing but also had no chance to get it as a result!

  3. Bumpster Says:

    I always hated moving in December in the cold and sometimes snow or cold rain. It was always when my leases would expire.

  4. Bumpster Says:

    Talking about giving up technology…it was pretty bad, but Krista and I had wi-fi in the beach house on our vacation. I had to buy a laptop to take advantage of the situation. I’ve been sucked into modern life!!

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