The Times They Are A’Changin’

I called my Dad last night to hear the latest about Faye but we ended up talking about the situation in Georgia. In typical American fashion, it hadn’t occurred to me what an extremely vulnerable and tenuous position we’re in – head first in a recession and all our resources tapped thanks to the war in Iraq. We’re powerless and it’s scary (and indulgent of me to assume we could swoop in and “fix things” in the first place.) More than ever, I’m certain our country is headed for some significant changes, ones far more tumultuous than switching from Diet Coke to Coke Zero.

(Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but it’s been on my mind.)

In other, less serious news, ever since I watched My So Called Life on DVD, I’ve started calling close friends by their last names. When I was in high school, ALL the boys did this and I hated it. (For the record, about that time “dude” came into favor, which also irritated me for some reason.) But now, after watching Krakow bark at Chase, I fondly remember my last name being shouted down the halls of my high school.

I’m EXHAUSTED today – twice now, I’ve zoned out at my desk long enough for my screensaver to come on. The hell??

P.S. I just found a treasure trove of documentaries you can watch online for free, including one of my all-time faves, The Fog of War, which is indescribably gripping. Yesterday afternoon while I worked, I played The Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. in the background. Like always, I cried when I heard MLK’s “I’ve Been to the Mountain Top” speech. What a gifted orator he was.


3 Responses to “The Times They Are A’Changin’”

  1. PastaQueen Says:

    Now you’re giving me a MSCL jonesing. I’ll have to whip out my DVDs this weekend. Did you watch Party of Five in the last season where Ricky showed up as the babysitter/nanny? I’d watch and think, “It’s Ricky Vasquez!” And then the guy who played Krakow was on “Felicity” and raped the Pink Power Ranger. It was so weird. I was so into those characters it was hard to see them play other people.

  2. Mymsie Says:

    @PastaQueen: I remember the Pink Power Ranger getting raped but I didn’t remember that it was Krakow – yipes! I love Wilson Cruz – he’s in He’s Just Not That Into You, which is supposed to be good.

  3. SweetBasta Says:

    This post is clear evidence that you have been watchin MSCL. You seem very morose and angst filled.

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