This One’s For the Nerdies


Guess what I’ve been doing all morning? Why, using my college degree to its fullest by clicking the Restart Later button every few minutes, of course! Ever have one of those days when taking time to restart seems entirely unfeasible? Who is my computer kidding? I can’t just restart whenever it’s time for another update to its high-maintenance operating system. For one thing, it takes, like, several minutes to restart and that could SERIOUSLY interrupt my workflow (much in the same way blogging in the middle of the work day might…just to give you a point of reference…ahem.) And another thing – as I’m working, I usually have a Notepad document open where I type notes and daily To Dos. In order to restart, I’d have to move that info into a permanent location or save it, which requires some serious cognitive overhead.

And so you see, my time is simply too valuable to be spent restarting every time Microsoft finds another security vulnerability. My machine will have to wait for me – not the other way around! Never mind the time I’ll spend all day clicking the Restart Later button. I’m a brilliant multi-tasker so I’ll also use that time to improve upon the New York Times’ so-called “perfect” chocolate chip cookie recipe.


3 Responses to “This One’s For the Nerdies”

  1. Amy Says:

    My work computer does that all the time to me too, and I object for the same reasons! Unfortunately it doesn’t think to remind me one last time as I click Hibernate at the end of the day, so I come back to the SAME DANG MESSAGE all day the next day, when I still can’t be bothered to restart.

  2. SweetBasta Says:

    The best time to restart is whey you get up to go to the terlet.

  3. Mymsie Says:

    @SweetBasta: GREAT advice – THANK YOU! 😛

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