Machines De-Humanize!

You’re never going to BELIEVE what happened today. After being harassed all day yesterday, I finally relented when I left work and rebooted my machine. But within a few minutes of logging in this morning, I found myself in the grips of ANOTHER bloody update, followed by the inevitable demands to restart. Is my machine toying with me? Is this some curt op-ed rebuttal to my treatise on restarting? *taps on the monitor* Don’t think I won’t seek out some obscure malware to infect your haughty circuitry!

In other computing news, after much foofaraw, we’ve upgraded to Windows Vista at IU. I don’t really know a lot about operating systems and frankly couldn’t care less…except for ONE MINOR DETAIL. Apparently Microsoft changed the name “Start button” to “Start orb.” I couldn’t have said it better than my friend Amy did when I told her the news. “The Start orb?? What is this, Narnia?”

*Errata for nerds: In ever-inconsistent fashion, Microsoft still uses the term “Start button” in the online tutorials and Help & Support Center but all the literature says they changed the name to “Start orb.” Some technical resources have embraced the change, while others have not. I, for one, promise you that term will never cross my lips.


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