Stick It In Yer Bumbershoot

  • In my daily perusing of music blogs, I encountered several posts about Bumbershoot, Seattle’s music and art festival. But now the word “bumbershoot” is stuck in my head, where it’s being tossed about and analyzed for possible uses. If I remember correctly, bumbershoot is a colloquialism for umbrella, like brolly but with a more Seussical flair. Say it with me: BUMBERSHOOT. Fun, huh?
  • How was your Labor Day weekend? Unforch, mine was a bit chaotic. My Dad had back surgery last week but it really messed with the balance of his bi-polar meds. It didn’t help that the hospital he stayed in was FROM HELL – bitchy nurses included free of charge! I’m flying to Florida tomorrow morning to help straighten things out and take care of Pappy until he’s doing better.
  • Congrats to Zookins & Westwardbound on the birth of their illustrious spawn!
  • Check out – a delightful gem that lets you send helpful notes anonymously. You’ll find a note for every occasion. I sent one to SweetBasta to inform him his thong was showing. He responded by telling me some back hair was poking out of my shirt collar. Can you feel the love?
  • This weekend, Moxy and I saw Sisterhood of the Traveling Ho-Bags and I’m not ashamed to admit it! Well, I’m a little ashamed but I had kind of a hard weekend and I wanted to turn my brain off and see something innocuous and fun. It was cute and floofy and despite it’s undoubtedly labyrinthine subject matter, I was somehow able to keep up even though I haven’t seen the first one. Of note? On Friday, I found myself looking at pictures of Santorini on Flickr and the final scenes of the move were in Santorini! OWE EMM GEE – the Sisterhood is powerful!
  • I’ve got lots of good tunage to share:

2 Responses to “Stick It In Yer Bumbershoot”

  1. Bumpster Says:

    Since you saw the great cinematic spectacular that is the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, maybe you can answer the question behind the argument that Sweet Basta and I had a couple weeks ago.

    Were they supposed to wash the pants before passing them on or not?

  2. mymsie Says:

    @ The Bumpster: Hmmm, good question. In one part of the 2nd movie, one of the girls sends the pants to her friend and they are dirty and dusty because she’s been in the desert on an archeological dig. Maybe they never wash them – ewwwww! Cooties!

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