Put A Fork In Me

My brain is fried and not in a sissy pan-fried way. No, it’s the metaphorical Fry Daddy® for my gray matter. I’ve been working on the Obama campaign for most of the day, trying to send an e-mail to more than 14,000 volunteers. The melee that ensued has been nothing short of total insanity. I should’ve known this would be a crazy day when I started it by spilling oatmeal all over myself. The worst part is that after persevering all day, tackling obstacle after obstacle, I found myself mere inches from the finish line only to be denied the delight of accomplishing my task. For now I must concede. Evil mailing list? You’ve won today’s battle! But don’t flaunt your little comma separated values yet because I’ll be back!

And for the record, my tentative grip on sanity this week is courtesy of this squishy stress ball I got at the Target Dollar Spot:

Squishy toy

The satisfaction I get from squashing it until its eyes bug out and tugging on it’s fringy armor is the sole reason I’ve survived the week without copious amounts of Xanax. You must get one!

Are you watching the debate tonight? I love how our country’s been re-invigorated by the political process. Debate nights are like Diddy’s White Parties in the Hamptons! It’s so refreshing to see people excited about the future and convinced they can actually make a difference.

I watched last week’s debate with Lean and a buddy of hers. They ended up chugging their beers every time McCain said “fundamental,” with extra chugs required for any mention of Vietnam or 911. To be fair, they’ll drink tonight every time Biden says “change.” If drinking games aren’t your speed, try Palin Bingo!


3 Responses to “Put A Fork In Me”

  1. lydia Says:

    I think a drinking game for every time Palin said “maverick” would have made for quite the raging kegger. I about put the remote through the TV, between that and NU-CU-LAR. UGH.

  2. Amy Says:

    Her frequent use of “hungry” to describe our nation’s need for her state’s oil was worth drinking about. Actually, I WAS drinking.

    We should have a dinner on election night, watching the returns! Pizza and wine! I want to erase the despondency of the last two presidential election nights.

    Have you seen the Sarah Palin Random Quote Generator? Oh wait, maybe I found that from a link here…

  3. PastaQueen Says:

    You are working on the campaign? Cool! I am willing to drive people to the polls on election day. Do you know how I can get in touch with someone to arrange that?

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