Another Proud Teaching Moment

Last week I taught an Excel class and frankly, it wasn’t my finest performance. I later found out the moon was full that night, which probably explains how everything that could’ve gone wrong did. I started off class with a spoonerism, “If you miss a step or your screen looks different than mine, just raise your assistant and the hand will come help you.” Things went downhill from there.

This is the first semester we’ve used Windows Vista and that combined with the latest version of Office created some interesting problems. At one point, when a particular feature wasn’t working, I joked that I would call Bill Gates to let him know. Apparently one of the participants took that comment, along with some others, VERY seriously and gave me a mean evaluation. I’ve never ever gotten such a nasty eval – it was awful! The night was such a disaster that during the workshop, the assistant posted these comments on my Facebook page:

  • “They are not right! This is by far the worst group in a long time. I’m so sorry you had to teach it!”
  • “This is terrible!!! I’m so sorry you have to teach this!”

Using social media to sympathize in real time? Now that’s Web 2.0.

I was scheduled to teach another Excel workshop tomorrow, in which the same mean lady is enrolled so I did tradsies with another instructor and am instead teaching a CSS workshop on Thursday. PHEW!

5 Responses to “Another Proud Teaching Moment”

  1. Kris Says:

    I hate Vista.

    And girl, how did you draw the short straw???? A rotten Excel class AND an Access class on a Saturday?!? Good thing you got out of the rotten lady’s line of fire.

  2. Amy Says:

    Uh oh, I’m back to teaching software classes this week, including to my boss! I will heed your warnings. Also, I spent multiple days in the last couple of weeks dealing with a situation that is due to an error in Excel. Bill Gates makes my job suck too!

  3. SweetBasta Says:

    Did you at least warn the other instructor about rotten eval woman? Did you get any of the great eval responses like “provide snacks”? Do you still have that list of classic eval comments we got at IDEM while doing web training?

  4. mymsie Says:

    @SweetBasta: I did warn the other instructor and he had his laser pointer outfitted with a taser, just to be safe. I’ll have to check my archives for those old evals. I remember a lot of people wanted PB&J sammies after taking our awesome class.

  5. Meanie! « Distracted by Something Shiny Says:

    […] Remember I told you about the person who took a class I taught and made a mean comment in her evaluation? She struck […]

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