Remember I told you about the person who took a class I taught and made a mean comment in her evaluation? She struck again! She was in the workshop I taught this morning. Things went very well and the evals were positive, but she had to make another nasty comment. I found out she’s stalking the other instructors too. Apparently she pulled one aside after a class and proceeded to inform him how he should reprimand people who talk during class. This is not elementary school crazy lady! I checked my rosters and found out she taking a class I’m teaching later this semester. Something to look forward to!

Teaching can be so frustrating. It’s so often thankless but have a bad night and YOWSA, people let it fly. I’ve grown accustomed to this, or so I thought but it’s been particularly hard this semester. I guess I’m feeling extra sensitive. My close friends would probably laugh their heads off reading that because in general, I’m overly sensitive. I have to be careful to try and keep that side of my personality in check. I’ve come a long way but it doesn’t help to have Crabella Deville in all my classes.

I’ve been in the classroom several times this week so I’m exhausted from 12-hour days. This weekend I’m going to hibernate with Abbs and sew and hopefully check off other items on my To Do list.

And speaking of Abbs, she struck again too! While I was gone, she knocked over a latte I forgot about and left within her reach. This time it spilled all over her sweet head. Now her fur is all sticky and spiked which means I see a “bee aye tee aitch” in her future.

What are your weekend plans? Have you voted? Moxy and I did last Saturday. It took about an hour but we had fun chatting, bonding with the others in line, and fending off solicitation from local candidates. (We were also lucky enough to spot a sassy gentlemen wearing 90s favorite Zubaz!) Afterward I felt so proud and American. In fact when I got back to my car, I shed a few tears thinking about the tremendous possibility our future as Americans holds. I know, I know – I’m a dork. An overly-sensitive one at that.

P.S. If you need some inspiration, check out my list of components for a perfect weekend.


3 Responses to “Meanie!”

  1. TMC Says:

    I got a little teary after I turned in my ballot too!

  2. Amelia Says:

    I haven’t voted yet, don’t know that it will make me cry, but another friend said she *always* cries when she votes:

  3. Kriss Says:

    Please! put up a picture of post-bath snuggly Abby.

    I haven’t voted yet. Our little podunk town hall is only open from 8-4 and closed on the weekends (even with the upcoming election), so I’ll be out with everyone else on Tuesday.

    I’m with you on being too sensitive. If they ever have classes on building a thicker skin, we should go.

    Enjoy your quiet weekend!

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