Why, Oh Why?

  1. Why are coats called “outerwear” on clothing Web sites?
  2. Why am I already desperate for another holiday break?
  3. Why does the fact that Linens ‘n Things is going out of business mean I MUST purchase many of their obscure kitchen tools, such as the ultra-utilitarian mango splitter?
  4. Why are toddlers in kimonos so freakin’ adorable I’m forced to humiliate myself cooing at them?
  5. Why do I think other people wearing casual clothes look relaxed and chic but I look like a lazy slob?
  6. Why am I suddenly eating oatmeal like it’s going out of style?
  7. Why do all my hair accessories end up in one purse, where I don’t discover them until I’ve resorted to holding my hair in place with an old clothespin and a gum wrapper (e-mail me for details)?
  8. Why do Moms with 2 children make time to blog more often than I do?
  9. Why do I procrastinate, despite the suffering it causes me? (See also: I’m moving at the end of December and haven’t packed a thing.)
  10. Why can’t Panera put all of their delicious sweets and pasteries behind a locked vault instead of a shiny glass window?

5 Responses to “Why, Oh Why?”

  1. PastaQueen Says:

    I love the mango splitter! (Sorry, I love my kitchen gadgets and must tell the world.)

    And the oatmeal thing is probably my fault if you’ve been reading my blog. Damn you, Quaker Oats!

  2. amy bell Says:

    oh this post is so funny…falling asleep at work? THAT is so funny……that poor lady. this blog…makes me happy. 😀

  3. Kym Says:

    How adorable.

    I don’t get procrastination either! Why must we do something that causes more harm than good? 😐

    Don’t worry about the oatmeal. I eat it too! 🙂

  4. SweetBasta Says:

    1. and why is it Outerspace, instead of just Outspace? In baseball we don’t have people playing in the Outerfield, it is just the Outfield.
    2. why can’t we be like Europe and have a holiday almost every other week? Plus 6 weeks of vacation, and siestas, don’t forget those, we could all use a little nap-time.
    3. Is this an electronic device, such as the super-collider is used to split atoms?
    4. How about toddlers in just about any type of costume? Toddler ninjas, Toddler Jedi, Toddler Anti-terrorism Commando.
    5. Because those other people put as much effort into putting on those casual clothes as we do getting dressed up for a formal event. To me if you don’t look like you just rolled out of bed, or at least off of the couch, then you aren’t really casual. Casual should not include any form of fragrance, make-up, or more than minimal hair combing.
    6. Cause it’s “The right thing to do, and a tasty way to do it.” Thanks Wilford.
    7. I don’t have enough hair for accessories, so I can’t help you here.
    8. I am a Dad with 2 children, but I don’t have a blog. If I had a blog I wouldn’t have time to lurk around on your blog and leave clever comments.
    9. Not sure, I will have to think about this one and get back to you with an answer tomorrow, or sometime later in the week.
    10. It’s called marketing. They are like the pushers of the pastry world. When you first come in they let you have a little taste for free, then they have you hooked and know that you won’t be able to resist their other offerings and that is where they take your money.

  5. George Erdosh Says:

    I am also attracted by things shiny, particularly kitchen tools. As a caterer, I have been in and out of clients kitchen and, invariably, I find tools by the drawerfuls, shiny and not, much of it unused. Mango splitter? That I have yet to see.

    However, I devoted a whole short chapter to the subject of kitchen tools: What to keep, what to trash, in my recently published book (Nov/08):

    “Tried and True Recipes from a Caterer’s Kitchen—Secrets of Making Great Foods” (www.eloquentbooks.com/TriedandTrueRecipes.html) http://www.howfoodswork.blogspot.com

    Check it out!

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