Recently I’ve caught myself snorting when I get really cracked up. I’ve always been able to hold my hearty laugh’s tendency toward snorting at bay but lately I can’t contain the piggish grunts. This is decidedly unattractive and not likely to bring any boys to my yard, huh?

What is it about cute shirts that makes them magnets for stains? It seems like I’m only able to wear my favorite tops once before having to wash them, while my drabber gear remains stain-free after many wears. Since I only do laundry every 6 months, my fun tops aren’t getting a lot of play. Fortunately this is the quandary of a spoiled first-world citizen and not, like, a real problem.

Since I started taking meds to address my thyroid woes, I’ve been over-analyzing every bit of data my body provides my brain, hoping I’ll be aware the moment I’m healed. Apparently I’m also anemic so my doc prescribed pre-natal vitamins. When I bought them, I felt the need to flash a birth control Rx to passersby, just to avoid any confusion. I’d hate to get onesies and teething rings for Christmas instead of the whiskey and roach clips I asked for.

This morning I had a meeting with my boss and for some reason, worked myself up into quite a tizzy about it. I didn’t realize until it was over and my body practically collapsed with relief. My boss was pleased with my progress despite my concerns he’d be shocked at my lack of industry. I think I was feeling overwhelmed because the project I’m working on is rather complex and the culmination of several years’ work. I need to remember to break things like this into small bits and focus on those in order to keep from having a nervous breakdown over stupid milestone meetings.

In summary, I’m a snorting, iron-deficient, neurotic freak who wears boring shirts.

P.S. I am loving Q-Tip’s long-awaited album, The Renaissance – most especially I Believe ft. D’Angelo. It’s got me toe-tappin’ for real, y’all!


6 Responses to “*snorts*”

  1. Amelia Says:

    I know you don’t need prenatal vitamins for, ahem, prenatal reasons, but the best one on the market is supposed to be Rainbow Light Prenatal One Multivitamin.

    I hope your health is restored soon!

  2. lydia Says:

    You know, I read that about your best shirts and was like, “HEY!!!!! That happens to me TOO!!!!!!!!!!!” Curious!

    Also, glad to see D’Angelo getting his groove back. A few years ago he was arrested in a suburban county of Richmond for cocaine posession, and he looked awful when the photographed him going into court. Wonder if he has managed to eliminate the pudge and get back to his fine, fine physique…

    Although now that I think about it, if he stopped with the cocaine, probably not.

  3. SweetBasta Says:

    Just be very careful not to snort while taking a prenatal vitamin which will cause you to choke and spill stuff on your shirt and force your brain to melt from worry that everyone is looking at your shirt and evaluating your lack of industry.

  4. tmc Says:

    I have the same problem with shirts.

    You cracked me up with the boys to the yard quip!

  5. Amy Says:

    Those multi-year projects are awesome! Especially when you’re finally done with them and then some global quality group dings some part of it, and then the project’s implementation gets abandoned after a couple of months of use anyway due to other business priorities. What do you then put on your promotion document? Hey, I helped us lose a half million dollars! Woooo! (that would be my week )

  6. Jay Dub Says:

    Hey–if you just need the iron–try Ferrel Sequels. They are an iron supplement that is easy on the stomach (and bowels….). It IS a real product, not something coming back around from Will.
    xoxo 🙂

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