No One Can Resist the Lure of the Abby-Dogg

AbbyThis morning I heard my Dad talking all sweet to Abbs when he didn’t know I was listening. It was ADORABLE. He cooed, “Did you sleep well? Did you dream about other puppies?” Of course I talk to Abbs all the time too. I’m certain she often longs for me to shut my pie hole.

My Dad denies being under Abby’s spell but let’s face it – we’re all slaves to her Royal Fluffiness. In fact, since he arrived, Abby stopped eating her kibble. And why would she when she gets a constant stream of delicious morsels from him? He’s since had to nix the people-food overload and Abby’s reluctantly returned to the dregs of her kib. Poor dear.

I think my piece-of-shit camera has officially bitten the dust. Last night I couldn’t get it to upload photos, despite my fervent protests. It’s time for me to invest in a better one. I would love one of these babies but can’t justify spending so much, especially when I can’t remember a thing from the mandatory photography class I had to take for my Journalism degree. I vaguely recall the Rule of Thirds but beyond that, don’t know an F-stop from a flux capacitor.

I accidentally left my credit card at a restaurant a few nights ago. After frantic searching, I realized what I’d done and went to pick it up. I didn’t have any pockets so I put it in my bra and thought, “I won’t lose it now.” Naturally within 10 minutes, I’d misplaced it again. For awhile I thought the heat of my heaving bosoms might have caused the flimsy plastic to disintegrate but fortunately soon remembered I’d put it in my purse. Phew!

One Response to “No One Can Resist the Lure of the Abby-Dogg”

  1. joy Says:

    Your Abby-dog is very adorable. My dad does the exact. same. thing. with my hound too.

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