Put A Ring On It!

Am I the only one who can’t stop watching Beyoncé’s Single Ladies video? Even if you’re not a fan, you can’t help but marvel at this aerobic achievement. And according to NPR, it was filmed in ONE TAKE, which took 12 hours to perfect. How fun would it be to take a class to learn those sassy moves? The only steps I recognize are a few shuffle-ball-changes about halfway through. Growing up I took tap classes but now at the ripe old age of 32, I’m afraid my knowledge of dance has been whittled to only a basic understanding of the Cabbage Patch.

Yesterday my office crush stopped by my office for a chat. His father recently passed away, so everyone in my office signed a sympathy card for him. I haven’t talked to him since the death, so I felt like I should say something but didn’t know if it was appropriate. What’s the etiquette in situations like this? Probably too soon for any “A lawyer dies and goes to heaven…” jokes.


4 Responses to “Put A Ring On It!”

  1. PastaQueen Says:

    One of my work friends LOVES this song and video. Thanks for the link.

  2. Amy Says:

    Heh, I hadn’t seen it yet, just the SNL skit!

    The last person to comment on YouTube: if my wife new how many times i seen this video she would KILL me:}


  3. Must be Motherhood Says:

    I saw the SNL version when Beyonce was the musical guest but didn’t understand JUST how funny it was until I saw the real thing. One take? Amazing.

    Now that I’m back at work, it seems my office crush (yes, we married women have them too :P) is no longer around. SO sad. Where did you go, Diego???

  4. unclevinny Says:

    I never paid much attention to Beyonce, but I have to admit that I’ve watched it a bunch of times, too. The funny thing is, it took me a while to realize that she’s talking to the guys! I thought she was gloating to the women that she had just started going out with a guy that some other woman refused to marry, or something. (I am really dumb!)

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