I Am _SO_ My Father’s Daughter

If I haven’t already said, my Dad’s staying in town to help me move at the end of the month. Right now, we’re in that phase of moving when all you can think about are boxes. We’re obsessed! Big boxes, little boxes, sturdy boxes, boxes with lids. Where are they? Who can get some for us? What about packing tape?? And don’t get me started on those cutters that come on tape dispensers. Those things never work!


So a friend of mine at work saved a bunch of boxes for me and my Dad picked them up this morning. Since he just had back surgery, my coworker insisted Pappy not load any of the boxes. Instead he just chatted with another coworker of mine who happened to be in the area. I’m a little fuzzy on the details, so in the manner of Seinfeld I’ll simply offer, yada yada yada HIS PANTS FELL DOWN. It’s just that most of his pants are too big now because he lost weight after his surgery. Today’s incident shines an unforgiving light on the necessity that he BUY SMALLER PANTS IMMEDIATELY. I’m sharing this with you in the hopes it will help you better understand that my tendency to end up in embarrassing predicaments is genetic. Making a fool of yourself simply runs in my family. (For a recap of the time my pants fell down in public, click here.)

In other news, I’m pretty much ready to throw in the towel on Twitter. I’ve tried but I just don’t think anyone cares about the minutia of my life. I understand its utility and I love to see the different ways it’s being used but I’m pretty convinced no one is chomping at the bit to get real time updates about what kind of toilet paper I’m buying.


One Response to “I Am _SO_ My Father’s Daughter”

  1. Amy Says:

    OMG I totally laughed when I read this. Unfortunately KNH and I did this awful abs workout on Weds and it hurts!! Damn you!

    We have been getting boxes shipped in w/xmas stuff. They’re mostly Amazon flatter boxes, but you’re welcome to ’em if they’ll help.

    Are you moving somewhere exciting?

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