Forgive Me My Drivel

A word of advice: Don’t start reading your blog entries from two years ago. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be mortified at your sophomoric mastery of language, which aspires to the More is More school of thought. But more adjectives and big, fancy words don’t equal more, um, better posts. Not to speak of my misguided belief that every detail of my days had to be chronicled, complete with obscure inside jokes that pretty much only one close friend would get. It’s cringe-worthy really, but it feels wrong to hide my past indiscretions. Have you deleted any particularly embarrassing entries?

I’ve started making Christmas presents and am loving every minute of it. Several of my friends have birthdays in December too, so it’s a busy, gifty time of year for me. Last night I made a felt stocking and started a tote. Normally I’d share pics but my camera is kaput. I found a good deal at Staples so I’m probably getting a new one this weekend. In the meantime, please enjoy this image of some other perfectly-lovely crafts:

Flickr Holiday Crafts

P.S. Is this not the best idea for a holiday party you’ve ever seen??


2 Responses to “Forgive Me My Drivel”

  1. Amy Says:

    Friends of ours had a New Year’s party where they exchanged any crappy Christmas gifts. Our friend George wore the sweater he got all night!

    I like all those pictures but I can never think of stuff like that. I go for the minimalist approach in decorating I guess…

  2. Kris Says:

    I’ve never deleted an entry (but I did delete an entire blog once – over a year worth of writing, gone in one angry mouse click). I think it’s entertaining to go back and think “oh, yeah, I had forgotten about that day”.

    Your flickr montage is so pretty. I’ve never met anyone with a better eye for design than you!

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