Slick Rhymes with Dick

I may have grown up in the south but I learned to drive in Wisconsin, so I know better than to willfully defy nature by flying down icy streets without a care in the world. Yes, Guy in the Truck Behind Me, you could probably go a lot faster than I am and everyone would marvel at how enormous your penis is but I’ve seen some terrible wrecks in conditions not nearly as bad as these so I’ll just be puttering along in the slow lane. If you don’t like it, you can pass me…and suck it!

Phew, glad I got that out of my system. In case you hadn’t guessed, it’s a little icy here this morning.

How was your weekend? Mine, frankly, was an emotional rollercoaster, the details about which I don’t have the energy to recount right now. I’m just happy it’s the start of a new week and ever-elusive Time Off beckons in the distance. The stars have aligned this year so I get quite a few days off. The only problem is that things are very busy at work and I’m pretty much charged with making sure a multi-million dollar e-retailing Web site gets up and running by the new year. No biggie, right?

Yesterday was, like, totally awesome. My Dad and I cleaned and organized, eventually purging a whole lotta stuff and proudly tromping it to Goodwill. Is there anything more cathartic than finally unburdening yourself of the detritus of yore? When I saw all my junk in a pile, I couldn’t imagine how on earth it fit in my apartment to begin with. Other reasonable questions? Why did it take me so long to get rid of my Calculus text book and how in the hell did I end up with that creepy 80s-era guide to first aid?


2 Responses to “Slick Rhymes with Dick”

  1. SweetBasta Says:

    OK, from your first paragraph it appears that you are doing something way more dangerous than speeding on icy roads. It seems that you are writing your blog while driving on icy roads. That can’t be safe.

    Remember – Friends don’t let Friends Blog and Drive.

  2. Amy Says:

    I love getting rid of stuff!! I’ve been a Freecycling fool this week. If my stuff were good enough for Goodwill I’d go there for one-stop-junk-removal.

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