*insert teeth chattering noise here*

SWEET JESUS AND ALL THE ARC ANGELS, it’s cold outside. And it’s not sissy Indiana cold either. It’s hard-core Minnesota/Wisconsin take-your-breath-away cold.

It's 3 degrees

That’s right. The actual temperature is 3°. This type of hell evokes mixed emotions in me. At first I think of all the winters I spent in The North and feel like a wuss because one night of cold can’t compare to those endless months of inclement weather. But then I think, “HOLY BALLS, it’s cold” and I pity my sad state of affairs.

In the interest of full disclosure, it’s time for me to admit that I haven’t finished my Christmas cards OR making/buying/wrapping Christmas pressies. Tomorrow the girls and I are exchanging gifts so it looks like I’ll have to arrive empty handed, hang my head, and promise to try and have the goods before Valentine’s Day.

It’s been a busy, fun weekend. Friday night, Foxy Moxy and I saw Slumdog Millionaire, which was very sad but had a delightful ending. The idea for the story was TOTALLY brilliant. The film was so well written and really tugged at my heart strings, especially seeing the abject poverty some Indians live in. We truly are blessed beyond measure.

Last night, Paps and I heard the Indianapolis Symphony and Symphonic Choir perform The Messiah, and it was wonderful. I was sniffling by “and the glory of the Lord” and weeping by the time we stood for the Hallelujah chorus. There was even a bonus performance of some of the Easter-themed parts of The Messiah, including “The trumpet shall sound.” It was heavenly!

Tonight, Paps and I went with Moxy to see Milk, another tear-jerker. I don’t have the vocabulary to express how incredible Sean Penn’s performance was. What a tragic story but what a wonderful man Harvey Milk was and to think of the progress he made for gay rights makes my heart smile.

I better close before I get a citation from the Blog Schmaltz Police. G’night!


One Response to “*insert teeth chattering noise here*”

  1. cindy k Says:

    we’re such city slickers (wimps), if it’s 20 degrees we’re in pain. thanks for the review of ‘slumdog millionarie’ – we have it on our list.

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