“All That Butter on Movie Popcorn is TOO Rich!”

Last night for a holiday splurge after months of no sugar, I had some chocolate-covered cherries. They were delicious but this morning I feel like complete and utter shite. I had forgotten how absolutely horrible sugar makes me feel. I guess I’m one of “those” people now. You know the type. “I’m stuffed from half a PowerBar” and “I’ve been so busy, I forgot to eat lunch.”

Growing up, My Dad thought it was funny to occasionally put very odd things in my brother’s and my lunches and book bags. There was a potato once and my brother fondly remembers finding a smooth stone. All that silliness flooded my mind this morning when I got to work and found a whisk in my purse. Thanks Pappy!

I’m pretty sure the Comcast representative I chatted with online today thinks I’m a perv. I had a question about my new cable modem and he asked for my account number. I had to look it up and meant to type “one sec” but instead typed “one sex.” Oops. Sorry John 26905. It wasn’t a come-on, I promise…even though you asked about my cookies.

In closing, Lean Cuisine Chicken Ranch Club? FAIL.


5 Responses to ““All That Butter on Movie Popcorn is TOO Rich!””

  1. cindy k Says:

    thank you for visiting our blog! the writing on yours is great fun! happy new year!

  2. Kris Says:

    Giggling at the whisk in your lunch bucket. I think the most exciting thing ever put in mine was a thermos of undiluted chicken noodle soup.

  3. SweetBasta Says:

    I kept waiting throughout the reading of this entry for the humorous anecdote about the butter on movie popcorn only to be disappointed as a period capped the unfulfilled finality of the posting. In the spirit of Marge “Where’s the Butter?”.

    I think your Pappy was telling you that you needed to mix things up at work.

    Poor John 26905, he thought he had found a new love in life, that could also make good cookies, but Mymsie dashes his hopes to the ground when she replies “one sex”. Now John 26905 realizes he will never be more than a one night stand.

    Chicken Ranch Club? Didn’t that have something to do with that movie starring Dolly Parton, and Burt Reynolds?

  4. Amelia Says:

    Mmm, movie theater popcorn with butter… I have to keep a food journal on three separate days before my first prenatal appt. next Friday, and on one of those days we went to the movies, and I so I had half of a medium popcorn with extra butter for dinner. :p

  5. Amy Says:

    But did it have pimentos?

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