And It Ain’t a River in Egypt

I’m in total denial right now. Denial about having to take my Dad to the airport tomorrow morning at 6:30 a.m. Denial about having to go back to work after that. Denial about the fact that it’s nearly mid-January and I still haven’t finished making Christmas presents. What is it about the beginning of a new year that’s sort of bleak? The after-glow of all the holiday excitement seems especially dull and listless this year. Do you feel the same or are you inspired by the possibilities of the new beginning? Still I’m earnestly working on a list of goals for 2009 and trying to keep fun upcoming events in mind until my mood thaws.

The girls and I rang in the new year with ferver. We had nummy mango margaritas and lots of chips & queso, followed by applying some sassy temporary tattoos, watching Sex & the City re-reruns, and downing a few vodka and cranberry cocktails. I didn’t realize it until that night but I had inadvertently quit drinking when I quit sugar months ago. I don’t drink much anyway but when I did, I could only tolerate alcohol tempered with sugary juices or syrups (LAME, I know.) The effect was that a few sips into my margarita on New Year’s Eve, I was embarrassingly tipsy and knocked over the queso. I also made jokes that my sober mind would have normally opted against sharing, like telling everyone within earshot, “See ya next year!!” and cackling with delight. It’s a good thing I’m hopping off the sugar train again, huh?

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