Imagine you’ve been working round the clock on a Very Important Project and it’s getting frighteningly close to D-Day, so your anxiety level has reached an all-time high. And then suddenly the skies open and pour forth an unprecedented deluge of fluffy, glistening snow. Enough snow to pretty much shut down the city. And on that fateful day, imagine your boss calling you in the wee hours of the morning and uttering those two little words that never fail to delight…SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Lord, I couldn’t be happier for this reprieve. The local news just reported we’re up to 8″ in my ‘hood. Here’s a crappy pic of Abbs in Winter Wonderland:

Abby in the snow

She is simply beside herself with glee. And because the snow is so high, she leaps and bounds to get around, making this Snow Day all-the-more fantastic.

At 32-years-old, I think I’m more excited than I was for any Snow Day in my childhood. There’s so much possibility! I want to make snow angels and bake and feed deer from my hand…but I’ll probably end up snoozing on the couch and watching bad TV.


3 Responses to “OMFG!!!11!!!!”

  1. SweetBasta Says:

    Shouldn’t you feed the deer first and then bake them afterwards? Feeding a baked deer seems rather pointless.

    I had snow day with the kids yesterday too. Very Fun!

  2. westwardbound Says:

    We all stayed home yesterday too! And we survived cabin fever. I think my husband may have been doing shots on the sly to stay calm. I prefer not to know. 🙂

  3. Kris Says:

    Abby looks like she’s about to let out a giant, “WOOF!”. She’s such a pretty girl.

    And yay for your snow day!! Glad you got some much needed down time.

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