Good People

TwizzlersLast night, after a long, leisurely day spent in my cozy apartment, I headed out to watch Lost at Lean’s. After cleaning several metric tons of snow off my car, I wondered if I’d end up stuck in my parking spot because of all the mess. I’d just begun the time-honored process of lurching the car back and forth when a sweet guy (carrying Twizzlers) came along and pushed me out with a hardy heave-ho. I rolled down my window and thanked him profusely, to which he responded with a friendly wave and “Any time!” For a few shining moments, my faith in the good of humanity was restored. Thank you Twizzlers guy!

My Snow Day was a ball. I finally took down my Christmas tree (zip the lip) and more importantly, I organized my hair accessories, opting to pitch some heinous butterfly clips I don’t know why I ever kept.

Lean and I also watched Gosford Park, which I loved. A dashing, young Clive Owen? YES, PLEASE! The similarities and differences between the cultures of well-heeled Brits and their servant-folk were fascinating. I loved all the 30s hair and music too.

P.S. If you watched Lost last night, what did you think?


3 Responses to “Good People”

  1. SweetBasta Says:

    Lost was great! Very good stuff.

    Way to go Twizzlers guy! We need more people like that in the world.

  2. Kris Says:

    I’m fascinated with young soldier Charles Widmore & how it’s all starting to come together. And how much do you love Desmond naming his son Charlie?!?

    I agree about needing more Twizzlers guys in the world. I’m losing my faith in the greater good.

  3. Mymsie Says:

    @ any Lost fans: I read on a Lost blog something you guys probably already figured out → “Ellie” is Daniel’s Mom and perhaps young Widmore is his Dad. Oooooooo!!! More goodies here.

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