Phew, it’s been a hard weekend. Most of our snow melted over the last few days, a seemingly symbolic gesture to all the tears I’ve cried, only isolated puddles of melancholy left behind. I’m so blessed to have such wonderful, supportive friends who’ve all been so helpful. Thank you all for your kind comments.

I’ve been to two memorial services, both of which were difficult but somewhat cathartic as well. I really believe there was nothing anyone could’ve done, as heart-breaking as that is.

This morning I awoke bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, convinced today would be the day I’d make it through without crying. I took a long, sudsy bubble bath and then got ready for the day. Then I talked with my Mom on the horn, and retelling Dan’s story opened the flood gates all over again. More tears, more anger, more questions, for which there don’t seem to be any truly-satisfying answers.

Thankfully this coming week is going to be very busy for me, and right now I think it’s best to stay occupied. The new Web site launch date is 2/16, so I’ve got a week to put on finishing touches, not to speak of taking care of the really important stuff like watching the episode of Lost I missed last week and oh, I don’t know, maybe remedying the predicament that my fridge is completely empty, save a lonely bag of shriveled baby carrots and a strain of penicillin that formed on a now-unidentifiable food product. (Pineapple?) I won’t even mention the condition of my apartment except to suggest you read Messy Room by Shel Silverstein to get the idea.

Flowers from a friend
Flowers from a friend who listened to me blubber all day Friday

P.S. I’d love to take credit for designing the new theme but it’s one of WordPress’s free, canned ones. I figured the start of February was probably a good time to take down my Christmas masthead and begrudgingly acknowledge I don’t have time to design anything clever right now. 😉

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