End on a High Note

I was sort of numb to how stressful things have been until sometime last Wednesday. I was reading a fellow blogger’s post about preparing for her upcoming nuptials and seriously considered leaving a comment along the lines of, “DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW LUCKY YOU ARE THAT YOUR BIGGEST PROBLEM IS CHOOSING WHAT SHADE OF GREEN YOUR SAVE-THE-DATES SHOULD BE???” Then I took a step back and realized it’d been a shitty couple of weeks and I’m pretty much worse for the wear. It’s just that everything happened at once and now every part of my life is mired in poo. Oh, how I long for a break or for one situation to quietly-but-tidily resolve itself without my input. And why do things always seem so disproportionate? I mean, who are these people who have months and years of calm water and how do I sign up for that lifestyle? And yes, I know that all the stuff I’ve endured makes me a unique person with a unique perspective and a special story to tell – blah blah blah, Lifetime movie of the week – but FRANKLY, I’d rather be dull as hell if only I might know a normal life. I’m sorry to complain. I don’t mean to be complainy but it’s just where I am on this Monday.

Aren’t you glad you stopped by? HA HA.

One bright spot, although it couldn’t be more poorly timed is a freelance Web development project that came my way, which upon completion will pay for the new mattress I so desperately need. Did you have any idea how expensive mattresses are? HOLY BALLS.

One more thing. One time I made this soup and it tasted good.


6 Responses to “End on a High Note”

  1. Uncle Vinny Says:

    Anyone who’s stressed about color-matching-ANYTHING at their wedding gets a “get ahold of yourself” look from me. If someone starts dreaming about their picture-perfect wedding at the age of 12, and won’t Let Go of the Dream no matter what, I think they need a Gloria Steinem intervention.

    …but that’s just me. Who knows, if I ever get married, I could end up saddled with one of Them! I just suspect not! 🙂

    I hope life calms down for you soon… is there anything you could jettison?

  2. tmc Says:

    I’ll tell you what… I’m {this close} to restuffing my mattress with straw and peat since I can’t afford a new one. Sheesh! those things are pricey!

  3. Amelia Says:

    I’m sorry things are so hard right now.

  4. bumpster Says:

    I don’t think that I know anyone who has even a calm week…let alone a calm month or year.

    Just remember when life gets you down there’s always soup and Pooterati!

  5. bumpster Says:

    Oh!…and also mellow out with some Fleet Foxes.

  6. westwardbound Says:


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