Only a Good Playlist Can Redeem This Tedium

I just started the first load of laundry in my new place and Abby is very suspicious of the unfamiliar noises the washing machine is making. Earlier this week, the cable guys came to set up my hi-fi so I can listen to records and she supervised the whole affair, bwoofing when she felt like things were getting out of hand. Overall she’s adjusting very well and loving all the attention from new admirers. I’m settling in too though I sit quivering in the shadow of precariously-stacked towers of boxes.

I ran into a problem unpacking my kitchen. The former residents shellacked all the cabinets with hideous contact paper, topped off with a layer of purple I’m pretty sure was applied in an inebriated fog. I’ve been stripping it off and replacing it with some non-adhesive liner and wow, this has really devolved rather quickly into a tedious bore.

How about I liven things up with a new mix? I used to create playlists with the now defunct Mixwit. It’s been replaced with a new service but I found it to be a bit clunky. I did some research and settled on using, which is user-friendly and seems to have access to the most MP3s. In fact there was only 1 song I couldn’t find (Kaiser Chiefs – Always Happens Like That). The only drawback is that doesn’t play well with free WordPress blogs so unforch, you’ll have to open a new window to listen to my mix. I can’t embed it. Sorry, but I hope the toe-tappin’ tunage is worth the trouble.

Listen to Playlist

Edited to add: If you don’t listen to any other songs, check out the last one, Virginia Moon. It is LOVELY, featuring an unexpected duo – Dave Grohl and Norah Jones, who together make magic. I love that Dave Grohl’s range is so varied he can scream like a banshee in one song and sound just as compelling pleading softly in another. Also, Virginia moons are fabulous and song worthy.


2 Responses to “Only a Good Playlist Can Redeem This Tedium”

  1. unclevinny Says:

    Ugh, yeah. WordPress is super fussy about embedding stuff. Thanks for the tunes, though!

  2. westwardbound Says:

    I would have Dave Grohl’s babies. And I’m kind of sick of having babies.

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