Free Time? I Hardly Knew Ye!

I used to have time to visit every few days and even when I couldn’t check as often, I’d find time to go back and catch up on all the adorable pups I missed. While it’s not a tremendous loss, the general sentiment I’m so poorly illustrating is that I miss down time! Work has been insane for months on end and that coupled with moving, one helluva freelance project, and general upheaval in my personal life has meant all my leisure-time activities have been on the backest of back burners. I haven’t sewed in months and for all my complaining, I’m desperate to pick apart a wonky seam. Other things I miss? Showering, knowing my bank account balance, the pleasure of donning clean laundry, and, oh yeah, BLOGGING. Things would appear to be slowing down a bit but I know the universe well enough to be wary of seeming calm. To hammer home my intentions to dramatically increase my ratio of slacking to working, the gang and I booked a weekend at a cabin in bucolic southern Indiana. We’ve been many times before and always return with a slew of stories and traffic tickets and I CAN’T WAIT!

In the meantime, I thought I’d buck up and do my taxes online tonight with a whopping 6 hours to spare. I’m getting back more than I usually do, which has me worried I made some egregious error. Hopefully I’m just reaping the benefits of a new tax bracket but I’m still suspicious.

Oh and one other thing I forgot to mention – at the end of last week, my Dad was told he had an aneurysm. YEAH, that’s right. AN ANEURYSM. He’s in very good health but both of his parents died of heart failure and one of his brothers has an artificial heart and is on the transplant list, so needless to say, genetics are not on his side. I had already been fighting the anxiety demons but that aneurysm bullshit sent me into full-fledged Catastrophic Thinking Mode. I was trying to get as much information online as I could (all peppered with the obligatory horror stories) and all the while thinking, I’m not even over Dan’s death and now Pappy? I’ll spare you all the insane details but after 48 hours we found out it was a terrible mistake and he’s fine. Unfortunately my already-struggling emotional constitution hasn’t bounced back as easily. Thank God for meds, is what I’m saying. What’s keeping you from drowning these days?


3 Responses to “Free Time? I Hardly Knew Ye!”

  1. SweetBasta Says:

    Did you really use the word “bucolic” in a sentence? You should work for Merriam Webster.

  2. westwardbound Says:

    What keeps me from drowning is spring! It has arrived! Heeya!

    I am jealous of your upcoming bucolic southern journey.

    I also think your new haircut looks fantastic.

  3. Amy Says:

    I’m drowning too. Would you guest-write on my blog since I don’t seem to have time either?

    I’d like to say it will be better now that my house sold but I have to find a place for the rest of my belongings and well, coming home to a messy house depresses me enough to keep me from being very productive. Blahhhhhh

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